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Ready for Fall or Not! Zoya Urban Grunge Collection Review and Swatches

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Summer to Fall is always a bittersweet transition for me.  The carefree summer is about to come to an end, and my days of slathering in faux tanner and bronzing it up to high heavens will soon be over.  I try to resist as long as I can, yet, when fall collections start popping up in July I can’t help but get a little curious.  This year Zoya’s Fall 2016 collection gave my summer-warmed heart an autumn jump start on the season to come so I just might be ready a little bit early this year.

Zoya Urban Grunge Collection Fall 2016

The Urban Grunge Collection from Zoya for Fall/Winter 2016

Releasing on August 15th, the Urban Grunge Collection includes 6 one-coat creams, 6 metallic holos and offers a complete variety of reds, berries, blue, green and neutrals – the collection truly feels so complete.

Let’s get ready to look at some photos and swatches of both of these collections, beginning with the scintillating Metallic Holos and ending on a dreamy note with Zoya’s One Coat Creams.

Urban Grunge Metallic Holo

DHC VelvetSkin Coat

Zoya is reinterpreting “urban grunge” with a fresh take on fall colors rich in pigment, shifty holos and dripping metallics for a little edge. I love all the shiny things so this collection is giving me all the feels!

Zoya Britta

Britta is described as a “berry metallic with a red and purple, fuchsia flash”.

Zoya Britta Swatch

Above I have swatched two coats of Britta.  The application was smooth and easy to apply, and could have easily been a one-coater but I preferred two in the end.  The berry tone is rich, with shift of purple, fuchsia and dazzline gold.  I would say it is dark, but not too dark – making it a fresh take on a traditional vampy nail.

Zoya Merida

Merida is described as a “brilliant lush evergreen scattered holo”.

Zoya Merida Swatch

Two coats of Merida is shown above, and honestly I have no words.  The base is a deep green with holo flecks of gold, shades of green, and hints of blue.  I love Zoya holos because of their “galaxy-like” quality that translates from the bottle directly onto the nail.  If the starry sky above was green, I daresay it would look like this!

Zoya Finley

Finley is described as a “deep royal purple scattered holo”.

Zoya Finley Swatch

I swatched two coats of Finley above and felt it did best with two full coats.  The base of this one is a beautiful royal purple, making it unique from previous purple holos from Zoya.  As the holo flecks catch the light I can see blues, an entire range of purple, hint of pink and silver – all of that dimension makes my head spin!

Zoya Ash

Ash is described as a “vibrant cherry with a red and gold metallic shimmer”. 

Zoya Ash Swatch

Above I have shown two coats of Ashbut again you could get away with one thick coat and be on your way.  This red is a firey twist on a classic.  The glint of red metallic is more prominent than the more subtle gold which keeps it from going too warm or too orange.  If you are a reds kinda gal this one is a must-have!

Zoya Alicia

Alicia is described as a “linear holo with a touch of gold”.

Zoya Alicia Swatch

I picked up Alicia first when I sat down to swatch this collection, and I’m not going to deny it- she is my favorite!  I have shown 2 coats above, and as you can see I would need to go over the nails again for full opacity but I think two coats gives an out of this holo-world effect that is breathtaking.  The holo shift is complex, but the best part is the golden sheen when it hits the light, making it an angelic holo in my book.  This one is a must have.

Zoya Troy

Troy is described as a “liquid pewter with a foil finish and an edgy touch of black and gold”.

Zoya Troy Swatch

Troy is a straightforward charcoal metallic that applies in one coat with full opacity (although I showed two above).  The coverage is solid and the color is rich enough to be smack dab in the middle between black and silver.  At first glance the glint of gold and black dimension aren’t apparent, but take a closer look and you can see it’s there!  If you need a stellar pewter shade in your collection you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Urban Grunge One-Coat Creams

Zoya Urban Grunge Creams

Zoya’s cream shades have always been my favorite.  They are smooth, the perfect consistency and cover the nail beautifully in solid color – even pale shades.  With a previous collection in 2016 Zoya introduced their “one-coat creams”, announcing that we could get that creamy solid color we crave in one stroke.  Of that collection I didn’t experience full opacity with every shade in one coat, but I definitely liked the creamy formula.  With this collection I’m pleased to report that nearly all of the creams in this collection are true to the one-coat claim and they remain the easiest to work with among the brands I have personally experienced.  Well done Zoya!

Zoya August

August is described as a “full coverage gray like a fine, expensive leather with a mid-ranged, balanced tone”.

Zoya August Swatch

Grays can be a hard shade to nail.  Too much white and they look dull and chalky, and too much black and they look flat and boring.  Zoya’s August is the perfect mid-tone gray that isn’t blue, boring or taupe – it’s just creamy, dreamy gray and yes it is opaque in one coat and yes it is shiny even without a topcoat (but of course I top it with Zoya’s NM Glossy Seal Top Coat).  This true gray has escalated to the top of my nail pile for fall.

Zoya Noah

Noah is described as a “mid-range taupe evenly balanced between yellow and grey”.

Zoya Noah Swatch

Whether you look at it like a neutral nude shade or a version of taupe, Noah is a beautiful fall neutral that is universally flattering.  In my bottle shots I had a hard time keeping it from looking too warm-toned (I think my lights were too hot) but as you can see from my swatch the true color is very neutral compared to the warmer tones in my skin.  As for the formula, I am very excited to say even Noah can be confirmed  as a one-coat cream.  I was shocked to get solid “nude” coverage on my nails.  Love it!

Zoya Mallory

Mallory is described as a “full bodied, vibrant Prussian blue with a deeply saturated color.

Zoya Mallory Swatch

Zoya knows how to do blue, and Mallory is a true-blue one coat winner.  Maybe it’s time for my afternoon snack, but the shade reminds me of Cookie Monster (OMNOMNOM) and sits right in between two other blues from Zoya – Ling, which is more subdued, and Sia which is more royal.  Everyone needs a bold blue in a fall/winter collection and this one is a definite yes for me.

Zoya Tara

Tara is described as a “purple plum with a balanced tone between red and purple”.

Zoya Mallory Swatch

Tara is a creamy solid purple-y plum that reminds me of warm berry crisp with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top – so rich!. I love the depth of color, and it again was easy to work with and looked beautiful in one coat.

Zoya Courtney

Courtney is described as a “deep red beet root shade”.

Zoya Mallory Swatch

Courtney was the one cream from this collection that I felt needed more than one coat.  The formula is solid but almost feels/looks like it has a hint of a jelly to it.   However, upon two coats the result is a decadent, dripping red that oozes Hollywood glamour.  In the light it has gorgeous dimension, making it easily my favorite red of this collection.

Zoya Wyatt

Wyatt is described as a “true racing green with a deep pigment”.

Zoya Mallory Swatch

Wyatt is a rich fall to winter green – a perfect mix of forest green and kelly green all mixed into one.  Again it is solid in one coat and the consistency makes it an easy one to work with – no flooding of the cuticles here!  Wyatt is an easy-peasy green that I would easily wear any day.

Zoya Urban Grunge Collection Fall 2016

Overall the selection, tones, performance, dimension and solid coverage from the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection for Fall 2016 has my attention and I’ve come away with more than one favorite.  If I had to choose only two from each of the metallic/holo and creams collection I would choose Alicia for her angelic holo goodness, Merida for her mesmerizing green glint, and Noah and August for their overall tones and one-coat coverage ability.  While I’m at it I can’t resist Courtney though – she a stunner!

Now that you’ve experienced all of this fall nail goodness I’ve got to know…

Do you have any favorites from the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection?  I’d love to hear about it!  Comment below or chat with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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