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Is there anything more gorgeous than a rainbow of nail polishes on display?  How about a rainbow of lipsticks on display?   Zoya, the nail polish authority,  launched The Perfect Lipstick collection in December 2016 filled with twelve shades ranging from nudes to deep berries and reds.  Bold color, smooth and creamy formulas along with a couple of sheer and glistening attributes – sounds pretty dreamy, right? Today I’m sharing a look at swatches and close up photos of each new shade as well as what I think of each one!

Zoya Lip Color The Perfect Lipstick

The Perfect Lipstick by Zoya

Cool, warm and neutral tones are represented well in this lipstick launch!

Let’s first take a look at the two nude shades:

DHC VelvetSkin Coat

From top: CameronWren

Zoya Cameron The Perfect Lipstick

Cameron is a “creamy nude lipstick with a hydrating, satin cream finish”

Cameron is a pale neutral nude that is perfect for when I want to blank out my lips.  The formula can be slightly drying after a couple of hours and then slowly fades at about the three hour mark for me.  I like to wear it with a pinky-nude liner to give it that perfect nude lip finishing touch!

Zoya Wren The Perfect Lipstick

Wren is a “rosy nude lipstick with a creamy and ultra hydrating finish.”

Wren is my absolute favorite of this entire release.  Pinky nudes are totally my favorite!  Wren is so easy to wear with any eye look and it applies like a dream, very creamy and hydrating.  It lasts up to the 4 hour mark on me and slowly sinks into the lips over that time so I don’t find it drying at all.

Is pink your favorite?  Let’s look at a few of the pink tones in the bunch:

Zoya Lip Color The Perfect Lipstick

From top: Mellie, Candy, Belle

Zoya Mellie The Perfect Lipstick

Mellie is a “red-pink cream, with a cool toned, mid-range intensity, and medium coverage”.

Mellie’s vibrant watermelon red shade makes me dream of summer days.  I really like the smooth formula on this one, and although it is described as having medium coverage the color pop Mellie brings is quite intense – love it!

Zoya Candy The Perfect Lipstick

Candy is a “classic bright pink cream, with a cool toned, mid-range intensity, and medium coverage”.

Candy was a shade I wasn’t quite sure I’d like, since cool tone hot pink shades aren’t in my comfort zone.  This color is a pretty one, however, and its bold color easily covers my natural lip color.  If you love shades like this one, you will want to check out Candy!

Zoya Belle The Perfect Lipstick

Belle is a “mid range pink with a gold shimmer effect in a frost finish.”

Belle is a soft pink with a glistening finish.  The feeling on the lips is different than the creams from this collection, as it has a bit softer pigmentation.  Although the finish is described as “frost” I would say it is more of a lightly pigmented shimmer shade that has a bit of glisten to it.  It is smoother and more lightweight feeling on the lips than the creams, making it seem a little like a MAC Lustre finish lipstick in application and wear.

Next, there’s just something about a good plum lip – let’s take a look at a few of the shades here:

Zoya Lip Color The Perfect Lipstick

From top: Paisley, Jasmine, Brooke

Zoya Paisley The Perfect Lipstick

Paisley is an “ultra-wearable blush rose lipstick with a hydrating, satin cream finish”.

I added Paisley to my the berries and plums category because it is a bit cool toned on me, but since it is categorized as a blush rose it may be a nude shade on some skintones.  This is my second favorite of the lighter shades because it is easy to wear with any everyday makeup look and is easy to apply on the go (without a mirror).  The finish is smooth and silky in application.  It is not as opaque as some of the shades in this collection and after about three hours feels like it has melded with my lips a bit so they start to feel a little dry.


Jasmine is described as a “deep fuchsia plum cream”.

Jasmine is one of those shades that I “ooh” and “aah” at but I rarely wear in real life because it is so bold on my skintone. I still really love the color though – it is so rich, creamy and full of life! It wears easily for 3 hours and then leaves a perfect stain behind. Funny thing about bold (for me) shades like this is that I don’t mind it in pictures, but for some reason I just can’t brave it while out and about. Do you have any lipstick shades that make you shy?

Zoya Brooke The Perfect Lipstick

Brooke is described as a “dewy spring mauve lipstick with a similar pearl effect seen in Aster, Azalea and Zahara”. 

Brooke was a surprise for me when I went to swatch it.  As you can see I included it with a few of the other “berry” shades here, thinking it would be as dark as it was in the tube.  I definitely got a surprise when it turns out it is more on the sheer side, and the formula is similar to Belle as described above.  I love that this shade has a bit more mauve pink to it, and because of its soft color it is easy to apply even without a mirror (does that make me sound lazy?).  If you are into shades that give a hint of color that is easy to wear this one just might be for you!

Next up are some of the richest colors in the bunch – deep wine and juicy ripe reds!

Zoya Lip Color The Perfect Lipstick

From top: Maxwell, Georgia, Matte Velvet Red, Frankie

Zoya Maxwell The Perfect Lipstick

Maxwell is described as a “deep plum with a subtle fuchsia fleck in a modern matte finish”.

Maxwell was my lip of choice over Christmas and I love how dramatically wintry it is on my complexion.  The deep plum has a glittery sheen to it which does change up the way the formula applies and wears on the lips.  I felt like Maxwell was the most drying and I had to take care to make sure my lips did not have any dry flakes or it clung to them a bit.  Overall it is a gorgeous color that I’ll have on repeat over the cooler months.

Zoya Georgia The Perfect Lipstick Swatch

Georgia is described as a “delicious berry lipstick with a hydrating, satin cream finish”.

Georgia is a rich raspberry shade on me.  Application is smooth and creamy.  The finish seems to dry down a bit more quickly with this shade but I like the almost-matte finish it gives the lips.

Matte Velvet
Zoya Matte velvet The Perfect Lipstick Swatch

Matte Velvet Red is described as a “classic, cool-toned red with a velvety matte finish”.

Matte Velvet Red is my favorite of the reds in this collection.  The formula is a bit different because of the “velvety matte finish” and it feels amazing on the lips.  Although the finish is described as “velvet matte’ the feeling on the lips is hydrating and does not feel like traditional matte lipsticks.  In fact, it reminds me most of a high end lipstick formula.  I love the application, how it feels on the lips and the rich and intense color.  I’d say you need to make more shades in this matte velvet formula, Zoya!

Zoya Frankie The Perfect Lipstick

Frankie is described as a “bright, scarlet red lipstick with a hydrating, satin cream finish”.

Frankie is all about a little wild fun but she still has loads of class.  I love of vibrant she is and the red tone is perfection!  She is my second favorite of the reds.

Zoya The Perfect Lipstick Swatches

Zoya The Perfect Lipstick Arm Swatches

As you can see from the swatches there are several shades that give that amazing *pow* of color – shot through the heart indeed!  A few of the shades I had to swatch a few times so they would show up (Brooke, Paisley & Belle) but the others were good at 1-2 swipes.

Zoya The Perfect Lipstick

Overall the selection, tones, and performance of the lipsticks are on par with other mid-range lipsticks I have experienced.  The formula is comfortable and offers a reasonable amount of wear time before it begins to fade.  Not all shades last the exact same, and not all have the same pigmentation, but generally speaking what you see is what you get from the swatches above.  In application I found the boldest colors can be a little tricky to apply from the bullet so I had to go in and define the edges with a lip brush (or use a lip pencil first) but that could be personal preference.

I feel I need to bring special attention to Matte Velvet Red, which in my opinion is comparable to high end lipsticks I have experienced.  The formula feels different enough from the rest of the release that I would like to formally request Zoya to please release a collection of Matte Velvet lipsticks with this same formula, and maybe they could even coordinate with some of the matte velvet polishes they have released (even the blue and the green would be amazing in this formula!).  This is going to be my go-to red for 2017!

Do you have any favorites from Zoya’s The Perfect Lipstick release ?  I’d love to hear about it!  Comment below or chat with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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