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We’ve officially crossed over into the unofficial start of summer and yes, I’m excited about it (officially excited that is!)  The past few weeks have been quiet here on the blog, mostly due to cramming in for last minute school projects, meetings and award ceremonies for the kids before the end of the school year, a.k.a., the crazy before the calm, so we’ve got some catching up to do in the beauty department my friend!  Let’s begin with the most exciting news on the nail front, Zoya has released their summer 2016 collections of buttery creams and glistening glitters.  Today we’ll be taking a look at the Sunsets collection, which includes six super-rich ‘one coat cream’ shades.

Zoya Sunsets Collection, Summer 2016

Zoya Summer 2016 Sunsets Collection

Vibrant and oh-so-summery, Zoya knows how to get me excited for summer!

The six creams from the Sunsets collection could easily be used to paint your own sunset on the beach, which is exactly what I’ve been forced to do with all this gloomy rain in Houston lately!  Don’t feel too badly for me though because Brynn‘s popsicle pink has been keeping my spirits up, and Dory’s ocean blue has me dreaming of catching the waves!  Below are all the colors in the Zoya Sunsets rainbow for your viewing pleasure:


Zoya Liv Closeup Sunsets 2016 Collection

Zoya Liv Swatch Closeup Sunsets 2016 Collection

Zoya Liv is a saturated cool summer shade that crosses over from magenta into purple territory.  The formula is beautiful and easy to work with.  I think this is the most versatile purple I have in my Zoya collection and I’m excited to use it on my toes next!


Zoya Ness Closeup Sunsets 2016 Collection

 Zoya Ness Swatch Closeup Sunsets 2016 Collection

I must admit I’m not one to be drawn to greens, but Zoya Ness has captured my attention!  Zoya’s description of “a softened jade green with a hint of blue” is definitely accurate.  Looking a bit more muted in person than the website photo, I’ve tried to capture the soft edge to this green, which make it unique to anyone’s collection, and the pinch of blue they added gives it definite summer-appeal!


Zoya Dory Closeup Sunsets Collection 2016
Zoya Dory Swatch Summer 2016 Sunsets Collection

With a name like Dory, this polish is sure to put a smile on your face!  This cornflower blue is the perfect in-between shade bridging the gap between a wintery cobalt and a soft spring polish, and that’s how Dory makes her entrance!


Zoya Cam Closeup Summer 2016 Sunsets Collection
Zoya Cam Swatch Summer 2016 Sunsets Collection

If ever there was a perfect sunset shade, our girl Cam is the one!  A vibrant tangerine orange that is more punchy than an autumnal yet manages to avoid the neon traffic cone spectrum, Cam is a creamy summer orange that looks beautiful on tips and toes.  The formula is a bit on the thin side so I had to take a bit of care to apply, but the end result was definitely worth it!


Zoya Dixie Summer 2016 Sunsets Collection
Zoya Dixie Swatch Summer 2016 Sunsets Collection

Imagine with me a hot sunny day, green grass as far as the eye can see, and biting into a fresh slice of watermelon – just barely catching the juicy red drip on your chin before it hits your favorite cutoff jean shorts.  That right there is Zoya Dixie, ya’ll!  Bold and oh so juicy, this warm pinky red cream is a fun addition especially on toes for this summer.  Oh, and did I mention she is so shiny too?


Zoya Brynn Summer 2016 Sunsets Collection
Zoya Brynn Swatch Summer 2016 Sunsets Collection

The final shade from this collection is my personal favorite, but boy she was hard to capture!  Zoya Brynn is a cool mid-tone magenta pink that is along the lines of Rooney, just slightly more rich in color.  I love this type of shade in the summer especially on the toes because it is a fun yet not over the top shade and she definitely pops against a faux tan and white flip flops!

Really a One-Coater?

One or two coats?  I think it is a matter of personal preference rather than if a polish can cover in one stroke, so I’ll share that when swatching and wearing, I first prep the nails with Zoya Naked Manicure Naked Base and allow to dry.  When swatching, even with the base coat, I felt each polish from the Sunsets collection looked best when applying two coats of color.  There were a few shades which technically covered the nail in one coat, so that if I was in a rush I could get away with it, but overall I felt the extra coat helped make the nail look thicker and more smooth.  As far as the application of each shade, the formulas were fairly consistent, although Cam was a bit on the thin side during application and would definitely not be a one-coater for me, the rest performed beautifully and were easy to work with.

As a whole the Zoya Sunsets collection is a winner.  The shades have that perfect tone for summer wear that is a breath of fresh air and the creamy and easy to work with formula doesn’t disappoint!

If you are more of a glittery and glitzy kinda gal stay tuned for the second half of the summer collection called Seashells up soon on VanityRouge!

Do you have a favorite from the Zoya Sunsets Collection for Summer 2016?  Please share in the comments below or let me know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Where to Buy
  • $10 each, or $54 for the collection.  Available now online at and in store at select salons.

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