Zoya PixieDust Summer 2013 | Stevie Topcoat, Base Coat Comparison

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Thanks to a VR reader question (thanks, Linda!) asking what the PixieDust polishes look like with a topcoat, I have decided to share a post with you showing what they look like with a base coat and with a top coat.  Zoya recommends for best results to not use a base coat or a top coat, because this does change the sparkling matte texture of PixieDust.  I thought the results were interesting so I wanted to share it with you.

I used two coats of Stevie in the above photos and the first nail shows no topcoat and no basecoat.  For the topcoat nail I had to use two coats of a thick shiny topcoat (the first one was sucked up a bit by the texture of the PixieDust).  You can still see some bumps so it is still a bit textured and feels bumpy, but it does have shine.  It also appears to lose a bit of the sparkle when adding a topcoat, but I think this could be due to the fact that now my eyes are seeing a shiny topcoat in addition to the sparkles.  For the base coat thumbnail, I noticed it gives the nail slight sheen and the texture settles a little differently on the nail, and this was my least favorite.  Adding a third coat to the nail did make it more matte but it felt a little dull compared to the nails without a base coat.

Overall I am a fan of both the no topcoat and the topcoat versions.  What do you think?  Do you like adding a topcoat or base coat to your PixieDust polishes?

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Zoya-Pixi-Dust-Summer-Edition (3)
The Zoya PixieDust Summer 2012 Edition polishes can be purchased online at Zoya.com

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