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Infused with even more summery magic and wonder, Zoya has introduced the 2013 Summer Edition of the popular PixieDust nail polishes.  This collection of six polishes is brilliant, bright, and perfect for getting you in a sparkling summery mood.

Zoya-Pixi-Dust-Summer-Edition (1)

Zoya's popular Pixie Dust polishes have been given shots of summer-fun color, and injected with even more sparkle!

Zoya-Pixi-Dust-Summer-Edition (3)

Three of the polishes contain the exclusive Matte Foil Twinkle formula (Beatrix is shown above),

and three contain the exclusive Matte Sparkle formula.

Beatrix-Zoya-Pixie-Dust-Summer-EditionBeatrix: a Tangerine Metal sparkle (Matte Foil Twinkle formula)




Solange: Gold metal sparkle with exclusive gold pigment (Matte Foil Twinkle formula)



Destiny: Coral Metal sparkle (Matte Foil Twinkle formula)




Liberty: Blue sparkle (Matte Sparkle formula)




Stevie: Violet sparkle (Matte Sparkle formula)




Miranda: Rose sparkle (Matte Sparkle formula)



Zoya-Pixi-Dust-Summer-Edition (4)

Just look at all of that foil twinkle from Destiny!  The brush and polish formula has a very smooth and easy to apply consistency (despite the textured results on the nail).  Very easy to work with!

After the popular release of Zoya's PixieDust Collection at the beginning of 2013, Zoya gave us what we wanted and created six more long-wearing textured, matte and sparkling colors in fun summer brights.  If you are not familiar with the PixieDust polishes, they are a textured polish that contains an amazing amount of glitter and sparkle (the close up photos above capture the texture very well).  I was a little skeptical because I do not typically enjoy texture on my nails (I tend to start picking at it) and so I was curious what my reaction to these would be.  Well I'm happy to report that the beauty of these polishes far outweighs any texture, and I find the texture to be quite minimal and even soft to the touch.

Application and Formula

For these polishes being textured, I was a little worried that the formula would be hard to work with and the sparkle would be hard to distribute.  However, I was very surprised to find that every polish in the collection went on smoothly and the sparkle applied evenly.  The swatches above are two coats each (except Stevie which is three).  2-3 thin coats of polish is what I would recommend.  Even with three coats on the nail it does not feel significantly thicker because of the way the texture settles on the nail.

Application Tips and Removal

For best results, Zoya recommends not using a basecoat or a top coat with these polishes, and applying between 1-3 thin coats, allowing each coat to dry in between.  This polish takes a little longer to dry than a typical nail polish because of the texture, so allow approximately 10 minutes of dry time after application.  If you are already cringing at the thought of removing another glitter polish from your nails then you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.  The PixieDust polishes are easy to remove, only requiring a bit more effort than removing a very thick nail polish with no scrubbing or tin-foil method needed!  To see a comparison post using Stevie with a basecoat, topcoat and alone please visit my post here: Zoya PixieDust Summer2013 | Stevie Topcoat, Base Coat Comparison

Finish and Color

The finish of these polishes are definitely matte, but they have that glistening glittery goodness that dazzles in the sunlight and is also noticeable in the shade as well.  I find the extra dimension of the three polishes with the Matte Foil Twinkle: Solange, Beatrix and Destiny to be very beautiful, giving that extra hint of foiled dimension to the nail that is definitely noticeable.  The Matte Sparkle formula polishes: Miranda, Stevie and Liberty are equally as pretty, but have a softer sparkle to them.


Overall, I definitely recommend picking up at least one of these fun shades for summer – the effect and unique look on the nail is a perfect switch-up to regular polishes.  If you haven't tried out the textured nail trend yet this year, these should be your first!

Price and Availability

Zoya-Pixi-Dust-Summer-Edition (2)

Zoya PixieDust Summer Edition 2013 (L to R):
Beatrix, Solange, Destiny, Liberty, Stevie, Miranda


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