Zoya PixieDust Fall 2013 Edition Photos, Swatches

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Zoya PixieDust Fall Edition 2013

Summer may be in full swing, but Zoya’s Fall PixieDust Collection for 2013 has already got me wistful for cozy scarves and falling leaves.  This collection of six fall-inspired shades in the beautiful matte, textured and sparkling PixieDust formulation are the perfect accessory to take us into the upcoming autumn season!


The six new Fall Edition Zoya PixieDust glisten like beautiful jewels!




Arabella is described as a Rich Fuchsia Pink


2 coats Arabella  No basecoat, no topcoat.




Carter is described as a Regal Purple


2 coats Carter.  No basecoat, no topcoat.




Chita is described as a Emerald Forest Green


2 coats Chita.  No basecoat, no topcoat.




Dhara is described as a Dazzling Coppery Orange


2 coats Dhara.  No basecoat, no topcoat.




Sunshine is described as a Van Gogh Navy Blue


2 coats Sunshine.  No basecoat, no topcoat.



Zoya-Tomoko-PixieDust-Swatch (2)

Tomoko is described as a Glowing Champagne Silver

Zoya-Tomoko-PixieDust-Swatch (1)

3 coats Tomoko.  No basecoat, no topcoat.


“Magic and wonder infused color for fall.” – Zoya


My first experience with Zoya’s PixieDust formula was with the Summer 2013 PixieDust, and while I will admit at first I wasn’t sure I could rock this textured trend, my mind was quickly changed with that collection, and now I am even more excited about the Fall Edition as well.  The shades in the Fall PixieDust Edition are glorious – a glistening garnet, earthy green, and navy blue are just some of my favorites – please don’t tell me I have to pick just one!  This collection consists of four polishes that are Zoya’s Textured Matte Sparkle formula (Chita, Sunshine, Carter, Arabella) and two polishes that are the Textured Matte Sparkle Metal formula (Dhara, Tomoko).  You can definitely see a difference on the nails with the sparkle metal formula, giving the nails some extra glistening metallic dimension.

I found the polishes to evenly apply and easy to work with.  I was satisfied with two coats (I like to do one thin and one thick coat) with all of these polishes, except for Tomoko, which I felt needed that third coat because it is more lightly pigmented than the others.  The PixieDust formulation is very durable.  I wore Tomoko for a solid four days before removing it to do some more swatching and she had only started to wear on the tips of two of my nails, so touching up those two nails would have given her another several days of wear I’m sure.

What I love best about the Zoya PixieDust formulation is the major amount of sparkle I get on the nail.  It is almost as if I have my nails wrapped in solid glitter!  The matte finish does look amazing with this polish, but if you are not a total fan of it simply apply a couple coats of top coat and you will still get that glittery effect that is also stunning. (To see a comparison of Zoya PixieDust with a topcoat and with a basecoat, please see my post here.)  Oh and did I mention that although you get a lot of glitter, shimmer and texture with these polishes they are not a nightmare to remove?  Simply soaking the nail with a cotton ball for a few seconds (no foil required) does the trick!  Love it!

Let me know if you decide on picking up any of these new Fall Edition PixieDust polishes and what your favorites are!

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