Zoya Focus and Flair Fall 2015 Collection Has My Attention!

Zoya Focus and Flair Fall 2015 Collection Photos and Swatches

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If you haven’t been swept off your feet by Fall yet, you might want to sit down for this.  The Zoya Fall 2015 Focus and Flair Collections are fall for the fingertips and this collection is so good she’s giving me chills! First of all, can we just talk about how quick Summertime went by? It seems like yesterday I was soaking up the warm sun… (or was I sweating and cursing under my breath…it was one of the two!) but now I’m welcoming the cooler months that are sure to arrive over the next few weeks.  While I’m patiently waiting for the temperature to actually dip to an acceptable fall temperature (sorry Texas, but 90s is not Fall ya’ll!) I’ve got these little Zoya jewels to get me into the autumnal mood.  Let’s take a peek, starting with the metallics (Flair Collection) first, because those are my favorite:

Zoya Flair Collection for Fall 2015

Zoya Flair Collection 2015

Oh the metallics of Fall – aren’t they amazing?  There’s just something about a little jewelry for the fingertips in the form of dripping metallics, and Zoya’s formula is definitely one of my favorites out there.  The application is smooth, the brush strokes are non-existent, and the depth of metallic sparkle in each shade is mesmerizing.

Zoya Aggie Flair Collection Fall 2015Zoya Aggie Swatch

Aggie is a warm and rich fall gold.  Described as “a gold holo flip liquid metal with bronze micro glitter”, this shade is said to be sheer enough for layering and opaque in three coats, however I achieved full opacity in two coats.  The formula was smooth and evened out beautifully.

Zoya Cinnamon Flair Collection Fall 2015Zoya Cinnamon Flair Collection Fall 2015

Cinnamon is as delicious as she looks.  This ultra-rich shimmering chestnut is the prettiest fall brown ever to grace my tips.  Described as “a classic bronze liquid metal” this shade was originally designed for Zang Toi NYFW Fall/Winter 2015.  Fully opaque with two coats, Cinnamon was a beauty to apply.

Zoya Ember Fall 2015 Flair CollectionZoya Ember Fall 2015 Flair Collection

Ember is anything but shy!  The most rich, russet-red with metallic sheen you ever did see, this is easily one of my favorites of the bunch.  Described as “deep, fiery red liquid metal” the tone has a hint of blue making it a very universal red.  Two medium coats gave me full opacity and the formula was stellar.

Zoya Estelle Fall 2015 Flair CollectionZoya Estelle Fall 2015 Flair Collection

Oh the shade of Estelle is so exquisite I’m considering changing my name.  I think I could pull off “Estelle” don’t you?  A jewel-like metallic cobalt, this shade is described by Zoya as “a blue on blue liquid metal with a blackened base”.  Two coats made this a stunner, and oh so smooth!

Zoya Giada Fall 2015 Flair CollectionZoya Giada Fall 2015 Flair Collection

Giada is one of those purples that you do not know you need until she’s on your nails.  A rich royal shade, she is described as “a purple liquid metal with a hint of fuchsia pearl”.  The unique shimmers in this one is what make it eye-catching, plus I love the name of this one since my sweet niece’s name is Giada!  I can’t wait to do her next mani with this color and give her a bottle with her name on it!

Zoya Tris Fall 2015 Flair CollectionZoya Tris Fall 2015 Flair Collection

Tris is one of those fall to winter staple metallics that is like a rock.  Described as “a blackened, brushed nickel liquid metal” this shade can have hints of green in it depending on the surrounding light (daylight vs. indoor) and the depth is beautiful.  If you are a fan of metallic liquid metals then Tris is one to check out.

Now let’s move along to the creams from this fall collection:

Zoya Focus Collection for Fall 2015

Now where would Fall be without some rich creams full of elegant color and a new spin on earthy tones that is anything but boring?  Zoya’s Focus Collection hones in on all the colors we love about Fall and mixes in a few that will carry us solidly into winter too!

Zoya Charli Fall 2015 Focus CollectionZoya Charli Fall 2015 Focus Collection

Charli is another fall staple – a muted army gray/green that works with any fall color palette.  Described as “a dusty taupe cream that has a hint of green, but is still a perfect neutral”, I wasn’t quite sure how much green would actually translate to the nail when applied, but I have to say the green does tend to dominate once on my skintone.  The formula was solid and silky, just like with all Zoya creams.

Zoya Desiree Fall 2015 Focus CollectionZoya Desiree Fall 2015 Focus Collection

Zoya is no stranger to browns see the “Natural Deux Collection” or “Cashmere Collection and this time I thought they’d gone and duped it, but alas, I was wrong.  Desiree is described as “a classic sable brown cream that has just enough gray to keep it cool in tone” I can agree wholeheartedly with this description.  The formula was rich and smooth, just like Hershey’s Chocolate! (Now where’s my s’more?)

Zoya Hannah Fall 2015 Focus CollectionZoya Hannah Fall 2015 Focus Collection

Only Zoya can do no wrong when it comes to red, and Hannah is a shining star.  Described as “a clear, classic red cream with a balanced (neutral) undertone.”  She is easy on the eyes, easy to wear and as smooth as butter in application.  Definitely in my top favorite of all time reds!

Zoya Janel Fall 2015 Focus CollectionZoya Janel Fall 2015 Focus Collection

Well since Zoya can do no wrong when it comes to reds, why not include another one in the collection for you red lovers?  Janel is described as ” a deep red cream that has a warm undertone”.  Deliciously rich just like a ripe apple, this one is also a winner in my book – and the formula?  Divine of course!

Zoya Lidia Fall 2015 Focus CollectionZoya Lidia Fall 2015 Focus Collection

If purple is the name of your game then this plummy number, Lidia is the one for you.  Described as “a rich eggplant cream that has a blackened purple base and just a hint of red to make it more wearable for all skin tones”.  When wearing this shade I definitely felt like it was easily wearable, which is usually not the case with purples for me.  Application was smooth and I achieved full opacity with two medium coats.

Zoya Lidia Fall 2015 Focus CollectionZoya Lidia Fall 2015 Focus Collection

Now you Sia now you don’t – okay bad joke there, but if there is one shade of creams in this collection that stands out the most out of all it is Sia – a brilliant all-season blue described as “a true, royal blue cream”.  Bold indeed this shade is absolutely stunning against a fall backdrop and will carry me through the winter as well.  The formula is smooth, smooth smooth!  Opaque with two coats, I know you are going to love her!  Please note Zoya highly recommends a base coat before application due to the intense pigmentation in this one – no one wants smurf nails permanently! 😉

So, now what do you think of Zoya’s Fall 2015 Collection?  Although it was hard to choose I’d have to say both blues (Sia and Estelle) are my favorites, Cinnamon,  and let’s not forget a red so I’ll go with Hannah!  Which ones are your faves?

Zoya Fall 2015 Focus and Flair Collection
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