Z Palette for Sephora Spring 2014

Z Palette for SEPHORA

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New from SEPHORA’s Spring Tools & Accessories launch this spring is the Sephora Collection Z Palette.  You may have heard a lot about the Z Palettes on YouTube and in the beauty communities as a great way to consolidate your makeup into one easy palette.  I don’t know about you, but I love to mix and match my makeup every day so something like this is an ideal way to get it out much faster!

The Z Palette is designed with a magnetic back so that once you take your eyeshadows (or bronzers, blushes, etc.!) from their original packaging they will stick to the Z Palette.

Z Palette for Sephora

I love the SEPHORA black and white stripe design!


The Z Palette for Sephora includes a spatula and metal stickers. 

Z Palette for Sephora Accessories

The metal spatula can assist you in getting the product out to be placed in the Z Pallet. The included instructions give several suggestions to try and remove your products. The included metal stickers are also handy if the item you are “depotting” to place in your Z Palette is not metal.

Z Palette for Sephora

I snapped this photo to give you an idea of the depth of this Z Palette. It just fits a Wet n Wild 8-pan palette’s height (and the top even closes). so this palette will accommodate slightly thicker products.

Perfect for day to day use and travel, I’m excited to give the Z Palette for Sephora a try.  I’m curious to know if you have tried the Z Palette before and what you think!


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  1. I love Z-palette! Over the years when I used to use Lancome foundation, I had accumulated quite a few (8 to be exact) of their gift with purchase eye shadow quads, these are smaller than normal quads and come in a black compact, so you can’t see what’s in there until you open it up. I found myself hardly ever using them because it was a hassle to open them all up in the morning trying to find the one I wanted. I decided to get two of the small Z-palettes and transfer all the small Lancome eye shadows, and it ended up being a perfect fit! If you’re looking for more sizes in the Z-palette, Beauty.com has several different styles.

  2. I just ordered the dome Z Palette from Sephora yesterday. It will be my fifth Z Palette! They’re really great for consolidating makeup and getting rid of bulky packaging. I’m going to use the domed palette to depot all the baked blushes I’ve recently accumulated.

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