YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush 5 Rouge Effrontee Review

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“Kiss your cheeks, blush your lips”

A new addition to YSL’s Baby Doll lineup is the new Kiss & Blush ($40), a combination lip and cheek product with a unique whipped-like-mousse formulation.  I usually find combination lip and cheek products not the easiest or most comfortable to wear on both lips and cheeks, but this one is changing my mind!  Read on for a full review and swatches of one of the twelve available shades, Rouge Effrontee.


The YSL packaging is divine!


The Kiss & Blush packaging almost reminds me of a nail polish bottle. The packaging is plastic.


The doe-foot applicator is rounded with a softly tapered end. It is less precise than the YSL Glossy Stain applicator, but still precise enough for the Kiss & Blush formulation.


Swatched – Rouge Effrontee


Swatched on lips: Rouge Effrontee


Wearing YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in #5 Rouge Effrontee on cheeks and lips

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in 5 Rouge Effrontee is a vibrant coral-red meant for cheek and lip application with a softened matte finish.  While the packaging is plastic, it still feels substantial, with the base being constructed of a thicker acrylic-like plastic that looks like glass.  The formula inside is most unique and definitely feels mousse-like just as YSL states.  I found application to the lips quite easy with the doe-foot applicator.  Although the tip is slightly more rounded and a little less precise than a YSL Glossy Stain, with the mousse-like formula it works well to apply.  On the lips I find it best to apply this product in layers, allowing the product to slightly soak into the lips before applying more.  It absorbs quickly and dries down a bit after application, but still leaves the lips feeling soft and not dried out at all.  When wearing the Kiss & Blush on my lips I get approximately 3 hours of wear before it begins to slowly fade.  The product does wear evenly on the lips, and although it does not leave a “stain” behind per-say, the soft matte finish that evenly wears off almost makes it look as if it was a stain.

When wearing the Kiss & Blush on the cheeks it seems quite vibrant upon first application, but as the product blends out and also sinks into the skin after it sets, building it up a little bit in stages was necessary for me, even with the bold shade of Rouge Effrontee.  In the above photos I have it layered twice for a soft effect.

When applying the Kiss & Blush to my lips I use the doe foot applicator, but when applying it to my cheeks I dab some onto the back of my clean hand and then use my fingers to apply to the cheeks.  In blending I find it works best on top of foundation but before powder, as I noticed blending it on top of powder removed some of the powder from my cheeks.  When wearing the Kiss & Blush on the cheeks I get all day wear.

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