Wet n Wild Holiday 2013 In the Spotlight Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette Photos, Swatches

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In the Spotlight – Wet n Wild Holiday 2013

THE LIMITED EDITION Wet n Wild In the Spotlight collections for this holiday have already started popping up in local drugstores.  This collection is simply sparkling with three limited edition Coloricon Eyeshadow Palettes, as well as six glitter polishes – perfect to to get your shine on this holiday!  I have the three Coloricon Palettes to share with you today, which contain a mix of three glitter eye shadows, three satin (some with micro glitter) and two matte shades in each.  The palettes are simply beautiful!  The excellent mix of finishes would not only work on their own, but combining different shades from each palette will give even more variety to my holiday (or everyday) eye look!


In the Spotlight Coloricon Eyeshadow Palettes for Holiday 2013

A-Great-Glistener-Lights-Camera-Attraction-Wet-n-Wild-Holiday-2013-Coloricon-Eyeshadow-Palettes (1)

Limited Edition ‘A Great Glistener’

A-Great-Glistener-Lights-Camera-Attraction-Wet-n-Wild-Holiday-2013-Coloricon-Eyeshadow-Palettes (2)

A Great Glistener – top row – glitter, second row – satin, bottom row – matte.


A Great Glistener Top Row Swatched: metallic glittery silver, metallic glittery white, soft metallic glittery gold.


A Great Glistener Swatched – 2nd row: satin grey/blue, satin blue/grey, satin golden brown.


A Great Glistener Swatched – 3rd row: matte black and matte chocolate brown

Lights-Camera-Attraction-Wet-n-Wild-Holiday-2013-Coloricon-Eyeshadow-Palettes (1)

Limited Edition ‘Lights, Camera, Attraction’

Lights-Camera-Attraction-Wet-n-Wild-Holiday-2013-Coloricon-Eyeshadow-Palettes (2)

Lights, Camera, Attraction: top row – glitter, second row – satin, bottom row – matte.


Lights, Camera, Attraction Swatched – top row: glittery pale blue, glittery pale pink, glittery lavender


Lights, Camera, Attraction Swatched – second row: royal blue satin with small silver micro glitter, satin pale pink (slight micro glitter) and cool pink/purple satin (slight micro glitter).


Lights, Camera, Attraction Swatched – third row: matte dark blue, matte plum

No-Neutral-Ground-Wet-n-Wild-Holiday-2013-Coloricon-Eyeshadow-Palettes (3)

Limited Edition ‘No Neutral Ground’

No-Neutral-Ground-Wet-n-Wild-Holiday-2013-Coloricon-Eyeshadow-Palettes (2)

No Neutral Ground: top row – glitter, second row – satin, bottom row – matte. 


No Neutral Ground Swatched: top row – rose with champagne glitter, soft cream glitter, gold glitter


No Neutral Ground Swatched: second row – warm lavender satin, antique gold satin, mossy green satin


No Neutral Ground Swatched: third row – matte warm brown and matte dark green


SwatchME! NOTES:

I did not test these yet because I wanted to get swatches out for you, but here are some notes.  I swatched all of the above with two “swipes”, one to deposit the color, and the other to even it out a bit.

Glitter – The glittery eye shadows (top row) are not incredibly pigmented, but would work well to top off a a base.  I am not sure how much fallout they will have once on the lids, but they were very smooth and did not feel chunky, so that is a good sign.  They are too glittery for a typical highlight, but of course this is a holiday collection so getting a little glittery in the highlight area is very appropriate.  I will probably wear them mostly to accent the center of the lid to finish off an eye look, or I will pat it on top of a base if I am in a glittery mood!

Satin – The satin shades in these palettes (second rows) are smooth and buttery like a typical Wet n Wild eye shadow.  I found the color payoff to be very good when swatching.  A few of them have an an extra dimension of micro glitter, but it is very small, so I don’t think fallout will be a big deal for these.

Matte – The matte shades (third rows) are beautiful additions to these palettes.  They swatched fairly similarly and very smoothly, with the matte blue from Lights, Camera, Attraction swatching a little less smoothly.

Overall, just in swatching these, I am pleased with the quality of the eyeshadows, and I love the variety in each palette.  Although I am not a huge glitter fan, these ones are soft, and I think they are perfect to add to a holiday collection!  I think my favorite two palettes are No Neutral Ground and A Great Glistener.

Have you spotted the Limited Edition In the Spotlight Holiday Collection from Wet n Wild yet?  What are you planning on picking up?  I’d love to know what you think!

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