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Fragrant Confections Perfume Collection

IT’S WISHLIST WEDNESDAY!  This week I can’t resist sharing with you something that I’ve been sampling, but now is on my wishlist (Christmas please hurry up soon!).  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing the Fragrant Confections Perfume Collection by Rouge Bunny Rouge.  I will freely admit I am not a perfume expert, and have only recently taken an interest into finding what fragrances work for me, but I can say I am starting to discover what I love, and I definitely have two favorites from this collection on my wishlist!


The Fragrances are presented in sandbrushed, satin-matte glass with a silver neckband and metal cap.

Fragrant Confections is such an enchanted fragrance collection that I wanted to be sure to share photos and information on all four of the fragrances with you.  The story, the packaging, the scent – all are divinely intertwined, making this collection magical.  Today I’m sharing some press descriptions of the fragrances, as well as notations from what I experienced.  Although I am only drawn to two of these fragrances, I love that each is unique and complex – and offers an experience outside of the typical scents I find while fragrance shopping at the mall.



Vapours of Captured Memories

“Buried deep below the Enchanted Garden, accessible only through a winding maze of caves lies the Vault of Captured Memories. Behind a multitude of invulnerable doors, the Connoisseurs of Scent work tirelessly over their luscious spoils. Gathering the mists of memories and emotions from baffled senses, they harness the vapours into innumerable flacons of glass. A myriad of aromas, resplendent with botanics and the mystical adventures of otherworldly dwellers, conjure the mysterious and venerate unbounded beauty. Collected fragrant wisps that evoke the garden’s heart, beat like a pulse in the hushed air. Merged in an unfolding story of exquisite fragrant confections that are quietened, calmed and hypnotically charmed into vessels; each precious essence is bound by phellem and placed in a labyrinth of tiny vestibules.”



CHATOYANT Fine-spun lemon in bergamot bubbles, flashes of citrus and coconut tones, Orchid has arrived with hints of jasmine, lily and rose. Meet Orchid, the temperamental feline of the botanical world, and find your senses purring with delight.

TOP: Bergamot, Lemon
HEART: Orchid, Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley
BASE: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk, Vanilla

MY NOTES:  Chatoyant is my favorite of all four – reminding me of a fragrance so familiar to me, yet I cannot quite put a finger on it – it is almost as if it combines every scent I thought was divine in a fragrance all into one, making for a unique scent experience.  I smell the top notes initially when wearing this fragrance but then the heart of the fragrance begins to emerge – Orchid, Jasmin, Lilly of the Valley with the hint of Cedarwood (giving it a very mysterious scent to me) and then sandalwood, vanilla and the hint of Bergamot carry with me throughout the day.  I find this scent stays on my skin for well over 8 hours, and throughout the wear time I can catch a whiff of it (I love when that happens!) and I just think to myself “Wow, I smell amazing!”.


VESPERS Rose, muguet and violet light the shadows of black pepper’s cool corridors awash with crushed leaves, cinnamon and apple. Follow diaphanous wisps of sweet woods through a canopy of perfumed blossoms.

TOP: Bergamot, Cinnamon Bark, Violet Leaves, Black Pepper
HEART: Green Apple, Muguet, Rose, Violet
BASE: Cedarwood, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla

MY NOTES:   Vespers is my second favorite .   This scent is a little more intense for me, so I like to wear it in the evening.  Both fragrances have the same base note – which is softly sweet as it wears down, but Vespers offers a more complex experience.  The Cinnamon Bark and Black Pepper offer a slightly spicy scent, making it more rich, while the Violet and Green Apple round out the fragrance.  I am torn between which fragrance is my favorite – Vespers or Chatoyant – I love the scent of both – but my husband did comment he liked this scent on me, so that may influence my decision a little!




LILT Be seduced by fig leaves, peach and coco, layered with frosted violets, overgrown with bitter green and bound by smoky vetiver. Find yourself in a storm-ravaged garden where these elegant prismatic notes flit from sunlight to shade.

TOP: Green Leaf Accord, Fig Leaf
HEART: Peach, Coco, Violet
BASE:Vetiver, Musk

MY NOTES: I found Lilt to be quite strong for my tastes.  I the Fig Leaf, along with the base of Vetiver (a very earthy scent) in combination with the Musk I found to be overwhelming.  If you do love complex and earthy scents with a slight hint of sweet (Peach) you may want to experience this.


INCANTATION Blackcurrant, mint and spices, fanned by giant fig leaves, precede the spellbinding dance of silky rose and vetiver. Succumb to the call of this fragrant enchantress and swathe the skin in a darkly divine, aromatic adornment.

TOP: Citrus accord, Blackcurrants, Fig Leaves, Green Tea
HEART: Rose, Orange Blossom, Coriander, Cardamom
BASE: Vetiver, Cedarwood, Beeswax, Musk

MY NOTES: Incantation is another complex and deeper scent that I also find a little overwhelming for my taste, yet it is one I may grow to love.  The strong scent of Vetiver (very earthy), Fig Leaves, along with Citrus and Orange Blossom are most apparent to me, while the Cardamom gives a slight spicy scent.  Again, this this one is unique, almost a little dark, but it is one I want to work myself up to wearing.




IF YOU WANT to experience each of the Fragrant Confections scents, you can purchase the Perfume Sampler Set from Rouge Bunny Rouge which includes all four fragrances (2.5ml / 0.08 fl oz each) which is what I tried.  I have a full size on my wishlist, but now I have to choose which one!

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