VanityRouge content may include “Product Reviews” which will be categorized as such and will include a more in-depth look at a beauty product and how it performed.

Please Note: Your experience with a particular product may differ from the view and experiences expressed on this blog.

VR’s Product Review Policy

The editor of this blog strives to provide accurate and informative content for the benefit of consumers as well as companies.  My main objective is to represent the product for what it is and what it does.  I will accept products for purposes of a review or showcase on this blog, but I also purchase products to feature on this blog as well.  How I obtained a product will be clearly listed in the disclaimer portion of the post (please read my Terms & Conditions page for more information).

Review Commentary

I will be listing what I consider to be imperative information inside the review commentary portion of the post, and as such, I encourage you to always read the commentary to get a full understanding for why I choose to rate the product in the way I did.  The commentary may include:

  • Manufacturer/Company Claims
  • My impressions & results using this product
  • General commentary on the product (how it feels, performs, functions, etc.)

After reading through the commentary, you can take a look at the additional information I include in my product review:

Letter Grading (a.k.a., RougeRating)

The RougeRating has been discontinued as of October 2014, however, older posts will contain this information.

Rouge Rating

  • Formula – 10/10
  • Pigmentation – 10/10
  • Application- 8/10
  • Longevity – 10/10
  • Overall Product Rating – 10/10

The categories include (10 possible points in each category)

Formula – This will consider the consistency of the product, scent, finish on the skin, and other formulation details.

Pigmentation – This will be used in all cosmetic products and will consider pigment based upon intensity of color.  In face products such as foundations, concealers and powders, this will refer to the coverage obtained by using the product.

Application – This will consider how easy the product is to work with and apply.

Longevity – This will consider how long the product lasts in comparison to other products in the same classification, and will also take into consideration of that specific products claims of length of wear.  If any claims are made by that particular product/brand, these will be clearly stated in the review. This will also include commentary on my skin type and what skin type it might be best suited to.

Overall Product Rating – This will consider in general the type of product I am reviewing in comparison to other similar products across the market.

I tally the total score, divide by 50 (which is the total possible points) and then apply the following letter grade to the product based upon this guide:

  • 99-100% A+
  • 93-98% A
  • 90-92 A-
  • 87-89% B+
  • 83-86% B
  • 80-82% B-
  • 77-79% C+
  • 73-76% C
  • 70-72% C-
  • 67-69% D+
  • 63-66% D
  • 60-62% D-
  • 59 or below = F

In general, a product that is rated with an A is excellent, B is still acceptable, C could use improvement (or there is something better out there).  A “D” rating means it did not impress me and I would not purchase.  An “F” rating, well is not good, and means I would avoid it.

This review policy is effective from 12 October 2014 and may be modified without prior notification at our discretion.

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