The Limited Edition Makeup Collection Hype – Do You Buy or Avoid?

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Welcome to “Talk to Me Tuesday” where I ask a beauty related question each week and I would love to hear what you think!  You can respond in the comments below, or via Twitter or on my Facebook  page as well (I will link each Talk to Me Tuesday post on all VanityRouge social media.) So let’s get talkin’!

With new makeup collections coming out in a constant stream all year long, I’ve just got to know what you think about it all!

1.  Do you anticipate and research upcoming collections and are you on top of when they release online or in-store?

2.  Which collections do you get most excited about: drugstore or high-end?

3.  Are you brand-loyal when it comes to collections, i.e., you always buy something from a MAC collection, or Laura Mercier, Chanel, etc.

4.  Do you purchase the entire collection or pick and choose?

5.  Finally, do you tend to buy a product because it is “limited edition” or because it is something you truly love or do you avoid it so you don’t fall in love with something that you can’t purchase in the future?

Here are my thoughts:

Before getting into makeup in my early 30s I was not into makeup collections at all.  I purchased only the makeup I needed and didn’t even realize there were collections (if you can believe it!)  Now I find myself excited about new collections – especially when coming across the “leaks” and seeing sneak peeks of the gorgeousness to come!  I will admit that I do not obsess over it so I don’t stalk sites that have the inside information (although I probably should) I tend to operate with 1 1/2 of my feet in the present collections and another 1/2 foot in the upcoming.  My favorite higher-end collections are from MAC and my favorite budget-buy collection (or drugstore) would have to be from Maybelline.


MAC Fashion Sets – Ablaze Collection (2013)

Now I’ve got to know – what are your thoughts on limited edition collections?  Let me know in the comments below!

Maybelline Color Tattoos from the Dare to Go Nude Collection (Spring 2014)

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  1. 1. I like to see the collection but I really don’t buy the whole collection (but that’s more due to financial reasons). I think I’ve only bought an entire collection once, and it was Sinful Colors “Mod in Bloom” collection nail polish (because it was pretty and too freakin cheap not to buy them all!).

    2. I like to see them both. =)

    3. Not really brand loyal. There are brands that I like but I’m always willing to try different brands (except when it comes to mascara, I only buy Tarte).

    4. I pick and choose.

    5. If I really like an item that is limited edition, then I do try to get it, but I have never bought an item only because of it being limited edition.

    1. Author

      Hi Niki!

      Thanks for sharing your take on collections! I love that you numbered your answers to match the questions (I guess maybe I should go back and make sure I’ve answered my own questions too… I think I’ve skipped a couple, lol!) 😉
      I am in the same boat as you – I wish I could afford entire collections, but most of the time it is so unrealistic to be able to purchase the entire thing – at the same time I guess I would end up with A LOT of makeup if I could afford every new collection then, huh! Haha! What a great score on the Sinful Colors collection though – that one sounds pretty! I absolutely love nail collections and it is so fun to have an entire collection. 😀
      Thanks again for sharing, Niki! I hope you are having a great week. 🙂

  2. Ahh, limited edition collections. It really irks me how some companies (cough, MAC, cough) produce such a small amount of product that a large number of people never even have the chance to buy them. I just don’t understand the logic. They obviously have a large fan base that wants to buy them, at least up the production amounts to match *most* of the demand? Urgh.

    That aside though, I can get on board with them! I only buy what I’m truly interested in and never worry about not being able to get it again – because really, I have a large collection myself and I won’t be running out of anything in the near future. It does make me a little sad when I want to share a look or review of something that isn’t available anymore that I really love, but it’s a minor issue.

    I usually have an idea of what’s coming up from Temptalia and Nouveau Cheap so I don’t really do any research, but if I do see something that catches my eye (hello, Maybelline Color Tattoos) I know to keep an eye out for them when I’m shopping (or find an excuse to go shopping to begin with 😉 ).

    I’m more likely to go drugstore with LE just due to the price, but especially when a 20% off high end coupon rolls around I’ll take advantage.

  3. Author

    Yes I can totally see what you mean – especially with MAC collections, namely the Rihanna ones that came out last year. It was a mad dash that if you aren’t prepared to wait and see if you are the lucky one you will end up empty handed. I suppose the buzz about it works for them though since it doesn’t seem like they’re slowing down, lol! 😉 I mostly only buy what I want from a collection, but over the past year I’ve gone outside of what I would typically just purchase for myself to review here, which has actually been a good thing. The MAC Ablaze collection, for example, was one I wouldn’t have purchased on my own but I wanted to review one of the shades from that collection and went for it. I’m glad I did and came away with loving the bright color (of course that shade’s been hibernating since fall but I can’t wait to get it out again!)

    I would have to agree that I don’t purchase products just because they are limited edition though – I have to at least have an interest in it (which in all reality doesn’t take much for me, lmao!) 😉

    It is perfect timing when a 20% off coupon comes around the same time as a collection – what a score! I usually can’t plan it that smoothly for some reason – haha so I end up just being picky and choosy about the full price(s) *gulp* I pay! Haha, thanks for chatting with me about collections Nicole – it sure can get crazy out there! 😉

  4. Hi Angie,
    This is never a problem for me. I’m not sure if we Canucks are just not worth the extra shipping, or if they don’t think we will venture out of our igloos to buy LE products or what, but I rarely see LE products on shelves in my city. I get very excited when I see them on blogs and Youtube and check the stores relentlessly for a few months…nothing. That’s why I depend so much on blogs such as yours…I get my info all collected, and then if there’s something I can’t live without, it’s time to order internationally!

  5. Oh the dreaded limited edition lines… It’s a love hate relationship! LoL I’ll see swatches of a new limited edition line (like the newest Maybelline Color Tattoos- oh so pretty!) and I really want to go out and get one but I’m not a big drugstore shopper (ie CVS, Walgreens), I prefer Target over anything, better prices and better environment, but unfortunately my regular Target doesn’t normally get LE items. So for me it sort of becomes a hassle to go into the nearest drugstore just to look for a limited edition item, that in most cases they don’t even have yet, or never will have, or already sold out! lol I just hate how the LE drugstore lines pop up at random dates, instead of like ‘New LE line coming March 1st.’ It becomes a wait and see guessing game on who will have what and when. I guess with high-end LE lines you usually know exactly when and where to get it, so if I were into that it would be easier, but I try to stay away from higher end lines for budget’s sake. I only buy what I think I’ll really like from a LE collection, but it does become tempting when I stop and think that this might be my one and only chance to get it if I come across it! I do enjoy seeing the LE collections on your blog though 🙂

    1. That is so true about the drugstore hunt for LE stuff. It can be so obnoxious not knowing when or IF you’ll ever even see the display! Nowadays I don’t get to the drugstore more than at most two times a month so it’s not likely I’ll be there at the right time.

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