T-Studio Silk Ceramic Flat Iron by Remington

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T-Studio Silk Ceramic Flat Iron

MY FRIDAY FAVE for this week is a flat iron!  I know, I know, flat irons are not all that exciting *yawn*, but for many of us girls it is a beauty necessity, and this one does impress me in not only its performance, but the price tag – so today I declare it is “A-OK” to get little excited about a hair straightener ladies – after all it is Friday! 😉


T-Studio Wide (2-inch) Iron Silk Ceramic Flat Iron


The 2″ wide plates are perfect to quickly flat iron my hair, and it glides through very smoothly.  Remington says: “10x more ceramic and 2x smoother glide”

I’M NO STRANGER to Remington products – and not only for my husband’s razors over the years, but about 7 years ago I purchased a Remington three-in-one interchangeable styling tool that had three different curling options (a waver, a twist curling iron and regular 2″ iron) that I love and is still going strong today!  To my knowledge that product is no longer available, but I am impressed with the durability of that product. This particular flat iron has a 4 year warranty, which I think is impressive!

Here are some of the features I love about this flat iron:


  • It glides very smoothly through my hair.  For the last few years I have used a flat iron that would catch my hair as I was using it (making me shudder each time!) so this one feels like a dream!
  • At first I wasn’t quite sure about the 2″ wide iron since I have only used 1″ irons in the past, but for my thin and mostly straight hair it works perfectly, and gets a wider area, making flat ironing my entire head a very quick process.
  • The 455° digital salon high heat is amazing – I can move quickly and effectively straighten my hair without having to go back in multiple times to get the job done.  If you do not like to use your tools that hot, the temperature is adjustable and starts out at 380°.  It also has a temperature control lock.


  • It has a 15 second heat up time which is perfect for my last-minute get-out-the-door lifestyle (hair is always last on my list!)  It also has a 60 minute auto-shut off for the days I forget to unplug it!
  • I love the digital display and that that the adjustment buttons on the side are conveniently placed so I do not accidentally turn it off while using the flat iron.

Remington-T-Studio-Silk-Ceramic-Flat-Irons-LockedThe flat iron has a button that slides up to lock the plates closed when not in use.


WHILE THIS FLAT IRON can get to a very hot (455°) temperature), I can still briefly touch the outside around the plates without burning my fingers if I need to adjust the hair a bit- don’t get me wrong – this area still gets hot, so I have learned to not try and place large amounts of my hair through the iron so I don’t feel the need to grab the top of the iron while pulling it through.  Instead if I use a reasonable thickness (of course depending upon your hair’s thickness) I can just grasp the handle area of the flat iron and straighten the hair just fine.  I have fine hair, and I also love that it does not feel like it is “frying” or “drying” out my hair as I use it, even with the high heat.  Of course I use a heat protectant spray beforehand!

OVERALL I’m loving everything about this flat iron – it is smooth and leaves my hair silky, plus I love the high heat!  The price tag on this is very reasonable as well.  I would definitely recommend it!

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