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Today I wanted to review for you Sigma Beauty’s Synthetic Kabuki 4 Brush Set, which is a collection of four kabuki brushes, the F80, F82, F84 and F86.  This is an excellent set useful for liquid and powder foundation, cream and powder blush application as well as many other uses.
Sigma’s Flat Kabuki – F80 brush is a dense, long handled flat top kabuki brush.  To be honest up to this point all of my kabuki brush purchases had been short stubby kabuki brushes, which were made with natural hair and were very course and felt scratchy on my skin, so this brush was my introduction into the soft world of what a kabuki brush could and should feel like!
Quality.  I was very surprised with the soft yet dense bristles of this brush, the brush quality, the long handle and how easy it is to use to blend in my foundation.  This brush has become a staple in my brush collection, and I alternate using this brush with my other favorite, the F88, which I reviewed and compared to the F80.
How I Use It.  I use this brush solely for foundation application, both cream and liquid.  Although this product does not soak up a lot of excess product, I still like to spritz a clean brush with makeup setting spray to dampen it a bit, so it allows for even less absorption.  I find using this to apply foundation has given me a very even and blended appearance.

Sigma’s Round Kabuki – F82 brush is just as dense as the F80, but it has rounded edges instead of flat.

Quality.  This brush is very soft, and the brush hairs are the perfect height for a solid even coverage application of products.

How I Use It.  When I was initially experimenting with the F82, I also used it in foundation application.  While it is fine for doing so, I prefer using it with a mineral powder, such as my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder.  I find using that product with this brush gives a more opaque application, so I find this useful if I need more coverage that day.  I have also tried it with cream blush application which is useful for applying blush to the apples of the cheeks and blending it backwards.
Sigma’s Angled Kabuki – F84 brush is angled instead of flat, with rounded soft edges.
Quality.  This brush is very soft on the skin, yet the bristles are very dense, and the angle of the brush is helpful in applying product to the contours of the face and blending it out at the same time for a softer look.
How I Use It.  Again, when I was first experimenting with this brush I thought I would see how it fared in foundation application.  I thought it did a fair job of getting the foundation blended under the eyes, around the nose, and especially in areas such as the chin and down the neck.  I think this would suffice in foundation application, but I much prefer to use it in bronzer application.  I use it to apply bronzer along the hairline, jawline and contours of the cheeks to give blended definition.  It is also useful in applying and blending out blush and highlighter.

Sigma’s Tapered Kabuki – F86 brush is tapered for an even more precise application of product.

Quality.  This brush is very soft on the skin, yet the bristles are very dense, and the angle of the brush is helpful in precisely applying product to the contours of the face.
How I Use It.  Unlike as with the other brushes in this collection, I did not attempt to apply foundation with this brush.  I suppose you could…but I felt it would be a little too awkward. 😉  I use this brush specifically for when I am going for a more chiseled look, and use it with a contour powder to define my cheekbones, jawline and along my hairline.  The tip is precise enough you could also easily blend around the edges of your nose, and get fairly close to the under eye area, however the new P88 brush is my favorite for the under eye area instead (my review is here.)
Overall, I am very pleased with the 4 brush Synthetic Kabuki set from Sigma.  I find that although I use the F80 the most out of this set, I do find uses for the additional brushes, and I like to have the option of using them in my makeup application.  My very first Sigma brush purchase, was their Make Me Over kit, which I have used for going on two years now, and it has continued going strong even after weekly deep cleaning, so I anticipate the kabuki brushes to stand the test of time as well.  I will say that initially I was worried because I had heard these kabuki brushes take a long time to dry after deep cleaning them, which I have found to be true compared to less dense brushes.  I usually wash my brushes at night before bed (midnight or so) and they are fully dry by 10am the next morning.  If you were to need the brushes to be dry earlier than this, I have heard Sigma’s Dry n’ Shape works well with these brushes, although I have not personally tried it out yet.  I will certainly update you if I do!

  • Performance- 10/10
  • Durability- 10/10
  • Ease of Use – 9/10
  • Versatility – 9/10



The Synthetic Kabuki Kit 4 Brush Set I reviewed today can be purchased from for $56.00.
These brushes are also available in their New Synthetic Kabuki Kit 5 Brush set as well, which includes the addition of the F88 brush for $69.00.
Synthetic Essential Kit 8 Brushes
New Synthetic Essential Kit 10 Brushes
The brushes can also be purchased separately if you choose:
F80 – Flat Kabuki, $16.00
F82 – Round Kabuki, $16.00
F84 – Angled Kabuki, $16.00
F86 – Tapered Kabuki, $16.00
F88 – Flat Angled Kabuki, $16.00

Disclosure: I purchased this product.  For more details, please visit VR’s Terms&Conditions page.

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