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The Deluxe Brow/Metal Comb Groomer by Sonia Kashuk has been my eyelash savior as of late! Is “savior” too strong of a word?  I think not!



The fine metal teeth on the comb are perfect in getting every last last lash clump-free and separated!
Just don’t poke yourself in the eye! (As I did, lol…)

Comb Groomer.  I was getting pretty frustrated with my plastic comb groomer, which didn’t seem to do as much separating or de-clumping of the lashes as I wanted.  So I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference I see when using this to separate my lashes and I am shocked that I can get them so much fuller looking when combing through them after each coat of mascara.

Brow Brush.  The brow brush on the other side is just as useful for combing my brows into place.  The bristles are synthetic, and rigid enough to comb brows into place, but soft enough so it does not feel scratchy.  The contoured handle is very comfortable to hold and easy to work with.

Overall, I think this was a great buy, and leaps and bounds ahead of my previous plastic comb lash separator!  Although it is an extra step in my routine, it gives my lashes a fuller and more wide-awake look.  I would highly recommend it!

Where To Buy: Target, $8.99

I have two other Sonia Kashuk brushes in my collection and would love to hear your favorites if you have tried her brushes as well!

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  1. Another metal lash comb is the Tweezerman folding lash comb – the only one I’ve ever used. You can order it on line for about the same price.

    1. Oh thank you for the recommendation! I will have to look into that one. I love my Tweezerman tweezers, so I bet that product is just as high quality! 🙂

  2. I don’t do much in combing my lashes.  Okay, I never comb my lashes.  But I adore this tool for brushing my brows after filling.  It’s way better than a spoolie at softening any color.

    1. Up until I got this tool I rarely combed my lashes (I tried using a plastic tooth comb but it didn’t do much). Now I’m slightly addicted to using this one because I can get each lash separated so it looks like I have more lashes than I normally do – woo! 😉 I agree the brush side is perfect for brows! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for this recommendation.  I have several plastic ones, and have not ever been able to get them to do much.  I even spent a little more for the ecotools version (which also has plastic teeth), and still didn’t get much in the way of results, so I am definitely going to pick this up the next time I am in Target.  I often use volumizing mascaras, and it can get pretty messy without a good lash comb!

    BTW, do you have a recommendation for a good drugstore-price lash curler?  I have the elf one, but it doesn’t seem to fit my eye quite right.  I’m not too impressed with the results (my lashes usually look “bent” instead of curled — not so attractive!), so I usually just end up skipping that step.

    As always, I love your blog and your beautiful photographs.  So excited that spring is on the way!  I know you are not YourBFF anymore, but would you consider doing a spring fashion haul?  You always provide me with so many inspirational ideas!  Thanks again.

    1. I agree it can be so hard to keep the lashes from clumping when using volumizing mascaras and I used to just use my fingers to try to separate them, but that got so messy! Lol! I hope you like the Kashuk tools one, and if you haven’t purchased it yet I heard there is a travel size that people like as well in her line that has the same metal comb on it, just in case you needed a smaller size! 🙂

      For a drugstore lash curler, I am not sure I have a good recommendation for you, unfortunately. In the past I had started out with a Revlon one that would always pinch my inner corners (yikes!) and then I too used the Elf eyelash curler and found it didn’t grab all of my lashes either. I ended up getting the Shu Uemura one online and I really like that one, but at the time I had also had people recommending one by Tarte as a favorite as well. I will let you know if I run across anything that looks like it might work though. I know it is hard to shell out big $ just for an eyelash curler (heck it took me until I was 34 to do it!). Since I use it every time I do my makeup, and it works great for me I find it to be a great investment for sure – especially since I pinch my eyes a whole lot less! 😉

      I can certainly film a spring fashion haul when I get out to do some shopping! I’ve been thinking about wanting to refresh my wardrobe a bit, so I think that sounds fun! I will definitely let you know when I do so! 🙂

      I hope all is well for you and that the weather has been mild for you! 🙂 Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I love Sonia Kashuk! Most of my brushes are from her actually. I have this metal comb too but I have the white fold-out one (do they still sell those? I find that she tends to change the brushes quite a bit! So confusing!). It works really well to comb out my lashes. Love her line! 😀

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