Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye Limited Edition Eye Couture Palette Fall 2013 Review, Photos, Swatches

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Sonia Kashuk “Jewel of an Eye” Eye Couture Palette

SONIA KASHUK JEWEL OF AN EYE PALETTE contains twelve jewel-toned and neutral eyeshadows that are all in one creamy, pigmented and easy to blend.  Admittedly this is my first Sonia Kashuk palette so I was a little taken back as I began swatching these and even exclaimed to myself during the process: “These are like butta’!” and “Get on mah eyeballs!”  (So maybe I am that crazy lady who talks to her makeup…) 😉  What is most surprising about this palette is that all of the shades swatch equally as smooth and pigmented as the next one – there really is not a dud in here, which is quite impressive.  Well now here I go getting a little ahead of myself this review!  Before I continue, here are some more photos and swatches to share with you first:


The “Jewel of an Eye” palette contains twelve eyeshadows


The variety in this palette is perfection.  I like to “divide” each shade up into three horizontal sections (as swatched below) for inspiration to create a single eye look.  Or you could use one of the neutral shades on the lids and add a little jewel-toned accent to the upper/lower lashline to create many fall inspired looks!


The first row reminds me of amethyst – with a lighter beige/purple pearly shade and jewel-toned purple and plum shades.


The second row is all about emeralds and sapphires – with a beautiful warm green, cooler forest green and rich blue.


The third row reminds me of garnet and orange zircon – with a beautiful orange/copper, medium-toned wine, and a warm deep red-plum shade.


The final row grounds this Autumn palette, offering a warm nutty-brown, neutral medium-toned brown, and a cooler chocolate shade, perfect to smoke-out your fall look.



The formula of the eye shadows is very consistent throughout this palette.  They are creamy and can be easily picked up with a blending or flat shader brush, without making a mess.  The finishes in this palette are all the same – all have a soft shimmer to them, but no glitter, so any (minimal) fallout is easy to clean up without a trace.

The pigmentation is perfect – not too dark and not too light, so that you do not have to build up the color much, but they are still easy to work with.  The shade variety in the palette beautiful and would be suitable for any skintone and eye color.  The colors in the palette are rich fall shades and don’t include any highlight or matte shades.   Because of this I wouldn’t consider this an all-inclusive eye palette but more of a complimentary one to other matte and highlight shades you already own (of which I have a drawer full!)

I wore the eyeshadows all day with and without primer and found that the pigmentation lasted the same in both cases; however when working with the eyeshadows I found I didn’t need to build up the shadows quite as much on the primed eyelid.  I would still say if you find yourself stranded on an island with this palette and without a primer, you still wouldn’t be disappointed in the color depth (as long as Channing Tatum was also there of course.)  I experienced minor creasing without a primer (which is typical for my oily lids so I do not go without except for testing purposes) and with a primer I did not experience any creasing.

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  1. Someone told me the last two on the right side were the same, but one is definitely warmer than the other. 🙂 It’s so rich and beautiful. I have I will have to pick this up!

    1. Author

      Yes in the pan they look similar but they are definitely different once on the eye and swatched! I hope you love it as much as I do! I’ve been wearing it all week – I just can’t help it. 🙂

  2. What a great review! This is such a gorgeous palette and I am so happy to hear there isn’t any glitter in the shadows! I’m going to snatch this up before it’s gone!

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