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The newest eye palette from Sigma Beauty is the Defining Eyes palette created by beauty expert Tiffany D. for Sigma Beauty.  It is the perfect eye palette to enhance your eyes for daytime or nighttime makeup looks.



The palette includes: 8 eyeshadows top L to R: In the Dark, Midnight, Fog, Halo bottom: Brunette, Chestnut, Smoke, Beam
2 gel eyeliners, Blackout and Chocolate ; 1 Brighten Up double-ended pencil (white & dark blue); 1 Double-Ended brush, E30 and E55

In the Dark, Midnight, Fog, Halo 

Brunette, Chestnut, Smoke, Beam

2 gel eyeliners, Blackout and Chocolate

Defining Eyes pencil

Gel Eyeliner swatched L to R: Blackout, Chocolate 
Brighten Up pencil swatched

The kit also includes a Tips & Tricks booklet

 The Defining Eyes Palette by Tiffany D for Sigma Beauty is a beautiful eye palette that not only defines the eyes, but also defines Tiffany’s signature makeup application techniques she demonstrates in her YouTube videos.  Tiffany D. was one of the very first makeup artist’s I watched on YouTube when I first discovered the beauty community, and I have enjoyed her videos ever since.  If you are familiar with Tiffany’s tutorials, you will most likely notice one of her stunning features as soon as she zooms up close during a tutorial —  her amazing eyelashes!  So I have to say, Sigma Beauty, that I was quite disappointed when my Defining Eyes palette arrived and it did not include a set of “Tiffany D. Lashes” to fully complete my look! 😉  Kidding and eyelashes aside, this palette defines some of the great tips Tiffany D. has taught us from the beginning, such as using white on the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up, or her tips on using eyeliner and eyeshadows to make your lashline appear thicker.  This palette combines not only some essential eyeshadows, but eyeliners, pencils and brushes to make this kit nearly use-able all on its own to create many looks.

8 Eyeshadows

  • In the Dark is a matte black that performs very well and can be easily patted on the lid with the included brush without making a mess.
  • Midnight is a navy blue/black eyeshadow but the most beautiful thing about it is the extra dimension of blue sheen it has once on the lid.  When patted on top of the blue side in the Brighten Up pencil, it really pops.
  • Fog is a matte grey with very fine shimmer that I did not find to translate to the lid.  I have been using this to blend out when creating an eye look with In the Dark or Midnight.  It is a little less pigmented than the other shades in this palette, but it is a light grey.
  • Halo is a creamy soft white with sheen.  It makes the most beautiful highlight on brow and cheekbones alike.  I was so surprised at its pigmentation as well, especially for a light shade, it is very impressive.
  • Brunette is warm dark brown that looks great in the outer corner and blended into the crease.  I found it to blend out well, and I would say next to Halo it is the most buttery feeling eyeshadow in this palette.
  • Chestnut is a matte dark brown with finely milled gold glitter.  I was nervous most about this eyshadow because of the glitter, however, it is very finely milled, so when I used it (and took care to tap off the brush of course) I was very surprised at the lack of glitter fallout.  I was less careful when I used it today and I only had a minimal amount of glitter, but nothing that bothered me.  It performs very well
  • Smoke is a taupe-like brown with a gorgeous sheen.  This is such a unique color and I found it to work beautifully on the lid, or to add dimension into the crease when I wore a deeper brown smokey eye.
  • Beam is a soft white shade with finely milled glitter.  This shade actually surprised me when I applied way to much of it on my inner corners the first time I used this palette – it is very pigmented for a light shade.  I found the addition of the finely milled glitter quite flattering, not over the top, and I did not experience any fallout when using this shade.

E30 and E55 Dual-End Brush.
I am very pleased with the quality of this brush, and found it to perform just as efficiently as the full-sized E30 and E55 brushes in the Sigma Beauty brush collection.  I think they did a great job of choosing these particular brushes to include in this palette.

Brighten Up.
The dual-ended eye pencil has a white end to brighten up the inner corners (a signature Tiffany D. technique).  The dark blue end is a beautiful shade of blue with a slight hint of metallic sheen that is very flattering.  Both pencils are fairly easy to work with – I think they are just about the right consistency and not too hard or too soft.  I used both in my waterline and found they had a harder time staying put for me.  The blue blends out well on the upper and lower lashlines.  The white is a little harder to blend in my inner corners.

Gel Eyeliner

  • Blackout is a very black, creamy gel eyeliner.  It’s formula is unlike one I have tried before.  Very soft, easy to work with, and is almost as soft as silk when applying to the eyes.  It sets up very fast and did not budge on my upper lashline after application.  I did try to use it as an eyeshadow base (as suggested in the Tips & Tricks booklet) and unfortunately even though I used a primer, it creased on my oily eyelids.  I did not experience any fading or creasing when just applied to my lashline, however.
  • Chocolate is a very dark brown.  It’s formula is a little more stiff than Blackout and I found it to not be as smooth when applying, but it was still easy to work with.  It lasted all day on my upper lashline and did not budge until I removed them with makeup remover.

A note regarding the packaging on the gel liners: both the lid and the containers are plastic and I found I needed to take care when fastening the lid back on after use because the threads are a bit harder to align.

Overall I find this palette to be a great collection of easy-wear daytime neutrals as well as smokey nighttime shadows.  I think it would be an ideal gift for someone who is just starting out in makeup, or anyone who needs an all-in-one palette that is easy to reach for.  I am very impressed at the product formulations of the eyeshadows, gel eyeliners, and the pencils.  The addition of the brush in this set is perfect, and if you were going to be giving this as a gift, adding in a blending brush and eyeliner brush would be all that you needed to make it complete! From my first glance at this palette, to using creating my own looks with it as well, I can see TiffanyD and Sigma Beauty took time and care into selecting and creating a beautiful product.  I think they did an amazing job together!

Where to Buy:  $55, (us the code DEC2012 for a 10% off discount)


  • Product – 10/10
  • Formula- 9/10
  • Pigmentation – 10/10
  • Longevity- 9/10
  • Application – 10/10


Disclosure: I purchased this product.  For more details on VR’s product review policy, please see our Terms&Conditions page. Curious about how we rate products?  Visit our Product Integrity/RougeRating page.

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