Sephora Rewards 2015 – Were You One of the Extraordinary Ones?

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While many of us were having blissful dreams of makeup in the clouds, going on an Avengers adventure with Chris Evans or simply getting our necessary zzzz’s to make it through our Tuesday, Sephora was busy launching “Extraordinary Rewards” online, a collection of 1,000-10,000 point redeemable packages for Beauty Insiders in limited quantity.

I never knew about it (I didn’t even see any of the ‘leaked’ info ahead of time on it!) and just found out on Instagram at 7:00am.  By this time all but the Josie Maran 1,000 point package was left (and as of 1pm CST it is still available.)  Missing out on some of the good stuff myself I can see there was a variety of packages from Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, Kat Von D, Bobbi Brown and more (in the image above) which makes me very curious about what was included in those sets!

Visiting Sephora’s Facebook and Twitter pages I can see I’m not the only one who experienced not receiving notification about this and while the company hasn’t released a statement on Facebook, they have been replying to tweets with apologies letting Beauty Insiders know the quantities were limited and are now sold out.

I went ahead and tweeted them as well (if nothing else to be part of the masses who didn’t receive emails).

So now I’ve got to know! Did you get in on this Extraordinary Rewards promo?  Did you receive an email announcing it or were you waiting up last night to grab what you wanted?  I’d love to know what you got and what was included if you did get anything – please share below!

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  1. Wow. I’m Rouge. I have a gazillion points. Didn’t hear about it until I just saw your post! No Sephora emails, no postcards..nothing. And what’s worse, I placed an order this morning (which included the polish you recommended and some other things)!

  2. Well, that is rather irritating. I didn’t get any kind of email about this. Bummer because I would have loved to have gotten one of those packages.

  3. Also Rouge and no email info. The worst thing is that I was awake!

  4. I got the email this morning, but by the time I opened it in the afternoon, there wasn’t even a trace of the rewards save the Josie Moran book set. I emailed them about it and got a generic email saying they updated my reward balance, basically they gave me extra points because I complained….but didn’t really address anything. 🙁

  5. I received an email letting me know the Mega Point Perks were finally available…. about 7 hours after they launched and were all snagged except for one sad little 1000pt perk that nobody wants. I was upset. But hey – after looking at Sephora’s FB page, I would have been even more upset if I’d been frantically refreshing my browser all night long, only to find out that Canadians can’t even get them. I read posts from Canadians that had perk packages in their carts and were unable to check out for 2+ hours, thus they were already sold out of everything good. Most of the perk packages were gone in minutes. Very bad, Sephora… very bad.

  6. They’re not sold out… they’re still selling those same products that were offered as point perks. I don’t care about what was signed and what’s not. Sephora could easily fix this problem, but they’re ignoring it.

  7. I’m Rouge as well and heard nothing about it until it was too late. I’ve never had a problem with Sephora (particularly since I became Rouge), but I’m pretty bummed about this.

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