SEPHORA Collection Bottom’s Up Beauty Spatula – Your Makeup…Good To the Last Drop!

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Your Makeup Favorites are Good to the Last Drop!

You and I both know that some makeup products in our collections can be a pretty penny, and how disappointing it is when we can’t get to that last little bit in a bottle or container before having to throw it out.  Hey, even if you budget-buy your makeup doesn’t mean you like to waste it either, making this genious invention by SEPHORA an excellent buy in any book!  New for Spring 2014, SEPHORA Collection introduces their Bottom’s Up Beauty Spatula ($6 US) which a specifically designed tool with a soft “spatula” end on it that can easily fit inside a bottle or tube so you can get every last bit of your favorites to use or transfer to travel containers.  In the past I’ve resorted to using my fingers (Ew! product under the fingernails!) or even bobby pins (Ummm… not so much.) and even Q-tips (Yikes – who wants cotton fuzz in their lipstick?!) so I think this handy tool is perfect!


The beauty spatula is great for scraping the last of your favorite lipstick out of the tube! (Pictured above my favorite summertime coral, Rimmel Coral Shimmer placed into a small twist-lid clear container from Michael’s meant for bead storage)


The Beauty Spatula easily scrapes the last bit of the concealer out of the pot too! 


At first I thought it would be handy to use the the beauty spatula to scrape out the last bit of foundation from any foundation bottle, but it will depend upon the size of the opening.  As you can see, the spatula does fit into the Maybelline FitME Foundation, so scraping out the last of the bottle is possible with this size, but any smaller size would be more difficult to get the tool inside.

Let me know if you will be picking up the Bottom’s Up Beauty Spatula by SEPHORA Collection so you can use up your favorite makeup to the last drop!


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