Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift Benefit Real Birthday Turn-Ons!

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This years Beauty Insider Birthday Gift from Sephora

No matter how pint-sized they are, (in fact the smaller, the cuter!) it is always fun to pick up my Beauty Insider birthday gift from Sephora each year.  This year when I picked it up in store, they offered a choice between the Fresh Sugar duo from last year, or the Benefit They’re Real/Watt’s Up! fun-size duo.  Benefit They’re Real has been one of my favorite mascaras in the past and I have never tried Watt’s Up! so I’m excited to have both!

Benefit Watt's Up and They're Real Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift (3)

Benefit Watt's Up and They're Real Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift (4)

Benefit Watt's Up and They're Real Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift (1)

These little minis are perfect for travel.

Benefit They're Real Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift

They’re Real: 3.0 g/ 0.1 oz.  I’m excited to have a fresh mini version of They’re Real to keep in my handbag for lash emergencies!

Benefit Watt's Up Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift

Watt’s Up! (25 g/0.08 oz.) is a champagne highlighter with a cream to powder finish.

Benefit Watt's Up Swatch Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift

The swatch is so creamy and smooth, plus easy to blend.

I think the birthday gift this year is so fun and practical!  I am honestly pleased with both items, as I have never tried one of Benefit’s highlighting products.  They’re Real mascara is going to be a lifesaver for me for those times I walk out the door and have forgotten to put mascara on!  Yikes!     Yes, it has happened ladies, just last week in fact!  (Feel free to laugh at me now, lol!)  I am so glad I will have something to carry with me in those scatter-brained moments.

What do you think of this year’s Sephora Birthday Insider free birthday gift?  Did you already own the products, or are they new to you?

Price and Availability

The Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift is offered free to Beauty Insiders during the month of their birthday.  You can sign up to be a Beauty Insider on and earn points with each purchase.  For more information please click here.

The full size products can also be purchased separately.

  • Benefit They’re Real $23 (USD) .3 oz. or $10 (USD) .14 oz at Sephora
  • Benefit Watt’s Up! $30 (USD) .33 oz. at Sephora


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    1. Hooray for spring birthdays! Happy Birthday this month! 🙂 I think you will definitely like this one. 🙂

  1. I was happy with this year’s option as well, I hadn’t used either and I’m always interested in a new highlighter. Benefit can be a little pricey for things like that though so I doubt I would have ever bought it, and it’ll be quite a surprise if I ever use up even the little sample size of Watt’s Up. 🙂

    1. Yes I agree – it all too easy to have a lot of highlighters that will probably never be used anyway. This one is so pretty isn’t it! 🙂 I love that I now have a cream to powder one which is new to me!

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