Rouge Bunny Rouge Provenance Tales Perfume Collection Review

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NEW FOR AUTUMN 2013 is the second fragrance collection by Rouge Bunny Rouge, Provenance Tales, comprising three unisex fragrances.  I have been testing out fragrance samples of this collection, courtesy of, for the past few weeks, and I must say this is the first unisex collection I have fallen completely head over heels for.  Perfect for Autumn and Winter, the collection is full of earthy and smokey scents, calling to mind toasty fires, pine needles and a crisp winter walk in the woods.  Each fragrance is unique, and embodies a different mood and level of intensity.  Read on for fragrance commentary and descriptions by Rouge Bunny Rouge, as well as my experiences with this collection.

•  Provenance Tales Collection  •

With unique eclectic flair Alexandra De Montfort draws both textural and philosophical inspiration from the elements of earth, water, air and fire in her trinity of opulent scents that shape the second collection. Expect the unexpected. Accords smoulder, fizz and take flight, feeling as refreshing as effervescent liquids or tumultuous air, as grounded as the earth less trodden in the garden’s deepest forests. Each fragrance glows with the power of divination, manifesting its auspicious story through a beautifully crafted aroma that promises a more vibrant, magical way of living. Choose from shadowed-silver flacon engraved with fire, horns or wings and revel in the release of your personal augury.


The flacons are engraved with ‘fire’, ‘horns’ and ‘wings’. They have a modern masculine look to them.

•  SILVAN  •


SILVAN ~ Woody Spicy Musky

•TOP: Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Pepper•
•HEART: Incense, Guaiac Wood•
•BASE: Cedarwood, Musk, Patchouli•

Juniper and grapefruit, in a cool, composed and sparkling opening, transcend deep layers of guaiac wood, incense, black pepper and patchouli.  Cloak the skin in a perfect harmony of citrus and woods infused with the forest’s air of wisdom and calm.

Silvan reminds me of of a crisp walk in the woods, with the most intense fragrance of Juniper Berry being the strongest initially, it melts into a warm wood and pepper aura.  As it wears throughout the day the experience is soft, sweet, and musky.  I find this fragrance the ideal unisex scent.



CYNEFIN ~ Floral Ambery

•TOP: Floralozone, Angelica Seeds, Davana•
•HEART: Lavender Oil Orpur, Violet Leaves Abs. Orpur, Muguet•
•BASE: Musks, Amber, Metallic Wood•

In an assured greeting Davana’s chameleon-like balsamic, green and herbal tones, laced with camphor and peppery angelica, infuse the composition with perpetual energy. Cynefin’s sprightly herbaceous overtures, fizzing in delight, evoke curious consideration. What at first appears exhilarating and light leads to much deeper connotations.

Cynefin is the most “feminine” of the two, if you were to lean one way or the other.  The experience is soft and warm, with the perfect amount of muskiness.  While initially Floralozone and Angelica Seeds take over the senses, the experience begins to dance its way through the musky, woodsy and amber base.  The overall feeling reminds me of my happy place or recalling a fond memory.  Cynefin tends to meld with my skin the most quickly, so I lose the initial “burst” of scent part way through the day, so the overall experience is soft, yet perfect for every day wear.

•  EMBERS  •


Embers ~ Oriental Ambery

•TOP: Pink Pepper, Nutmeg, Clove•
•HEART: Freesia, Jasmine, Cistus, Incense•
•BASE: Styrax, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood•

Embers accepts no reproach, exacting attention with tiny sparks of pink pepper, nutmeg and clove; hot and cold spices in balanced contrast. This landscape of tempered heat engages the emotions, wrapping and weaving with obscured familiarity. 

Embers is the most intense of the collection, and may not be suited to every woman’s taste, yet it is my favorite experience of all three.  It is quite smokey and peppery, reminding me of cozy, warm knits and wood-burning fireplaces in a snowy neighborhood.  The top notes are prominent upon application, and while the spicy experience of Pink Pepper lasts several hours, the warm honeyed scent of Cistus with a hint of Incense carries me through the day.  The initial experience is pleasantly intense, but after about one hour it warms into my skin and becomes one of those scents I feel comforted by all day long.  If I am going to lean toward one gender or another on Embers, I would say it leans more masculine – but I find it intoxicating enough to wear myself.

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