Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer (Apocalips) Review, Photos, Swatches Aurora, Stargazer

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Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer (a.k.a. Apocalips)

Rimmel London has a new lip product release: Show Off Lip Lacquers (also known as Apocalips in the UK) and I am loving them!  The silky-soft formula, long-lasting power, major pigmentation, with zero dehydration on my lips has me saying that these are definitely the lip product of the summer.  The entire collection can be found exclusively at Walgreens in the US and is available in 14 shades, of which I have two to share with you today.

Rimmel-London-Show-Off-Apocalips-Lip-Lacquer (2)

The Show Off Lip Lacquer packaging is unique and sleek! Stargazer (top) and Aurora (bottom)

Rimmel-London-Show-Off-Apocalips-Lip-Lacquer (3)

Is it funny that the tops of these lip lacquers remind me of black Kryptonite (can you tell that I’m excited for Man of Steel to come out?!).  On that note, now I am totally wondering why OH WHY did they not keep the name of this product ‘Apocalips’?!  I think black Kryptonite and ‘Apocalips’ totally go together!

Rimmel-London-Show-Off-Apocalips-Lip-Lacquer (1)

While this is only noticeable when you first open the package, I thought it was pretty awesome to capture and share with you.  Before you pull up the wand from the lip lacquer, the opening is clear, and once you pull the wand through it fills with the product.  Although these lip lacquers are sealed by the manufacturer to prevent tampering (thank you, Rimmel!), if you see the seal has been tampered with you could also check to see if the above occurred before you purchase – then you would really know if it had been “sampled” before you buy!

Rimmel-London-Show-Off-Apocalips-Lip-Lacquer (6)

The applicator is unique in that it has a small little “pocket” area that grabs a good amount of the lacquer onto the end of the wand when you pull it through the tube.  This makes it easy to get a good amount of the product onto your lip and apply.


Swatched L to R: Aurora (a vibrant red) and Stargazer (a soft gold)


On the lips: Aurora – wow she is so shiny & red!


On the lips: Stargazer – golden and glistening, this one is just as smooth on the lips as Aurora, but with shimmer and a small amount of glitter.  I love to wear this one over a nude liner which creates the perfect golden summer-nude lip!

Rimmel-London-Show-Off-Apocalips-Lip-Lacquer (5)

Rimmel London says: “It’s neither a lipstick nor a gloss…It’s BIGGER than both!”

Formula  |  Pigmentation

Rimmel London’s Show Off Lip Lacquer formula is silky smooth yet lightweight and solidly pigmented as well.  I do agree with Rimmel in that it really is neither a lipstick nor a gloss, because of the way it feels on the lips.  It also appears first as a gloss, but as it wears over the course of a few hours it looks similar to a lipstick (although the feeling in the same).  Of the two I purchased, Aurora is a solid vibrant red shade that is smooth with high shine.  I can achieve full opacity with this color. Stargazer, while it is more pale, gets very close to achieving full opacity, but because of the shimmer and glitter in this one, some of my lips still tend to show through a bit.  This one almost gives the lips a slight metallic look to them, but I love the coverage they chose with this one, which makes it very wearable – any more metallic and it would have been too over the top.  Stargazer leaves the lips with an overall hint of metallic gold and I love wearing it on top of a nude liner.

Longevity  |  Application

 I was very surprised at how long each lip lacquer lasted on my lips.  Aurora wore more than two hours on my lips with mostly loss of the high shine, and with minimal red fading (to see a comparison photo, view my Facebook photo here).  The entire time I was wearing it my lips felt soft, moisturized and it wore off evenly.  Although it is a vibrant shade, it does not leave a stain on the lips, which I love.  I wore it for three full hours before feeling like I would like some of the shine and vibrancy back.  I think you could get away with leaving it longer because of how well it wears on the lips, especially if you were not eating or drinking.  Stargazer wore for approximately two hours as well, but the wear is a little different because of the metallic/glitter in this lip lacquer.  The feeling on the lips was the same (moisturizing, soft) but as it wore down, more of the metallic finish and glitter is left behind.  It still does wear off evenly, but my lip lines were slightly accentuated.  This did not bother me, because with this one as I mentioned I will be wearing it over a nude liner (or lipstick) so the effect is even less pronounced.  I was actually expecting it to make my lip lines even more accentuated than it did, but I was pleasantly surprised it is actually very wearable.  The application of both glosses is quite easy with the unique doe-foot applicator.  It is fairly easy to cover all of my lips in two applications because of the way the gloss comes out on the indented “scoop” part.  The more vibrant shade, Aurora is a little more tedious to apply around the edges of the lips, but because this product does not stain it is easy to wipe away and fix mistakes.


Overall, I am very impressed with this budget-beauty buy from Rimmel.  Not only is it soft and long-lasting on the lips, it is not drying and is highly pigmented.  It is truly in a class all on it’s own! I would highly recommend checking out this product to see if there is a shade you might love to wear this summer!

RougeRating 92%, A-

      • Product – 9/10
      • Formula – 9/10
      • Pigmentation – 10/10
      • Longevity – 9/10
      • Application – 9/10

Price and Availability 

$4.99, 0.18 fl. oz available exclusively at Walgreens (in the US)

Available in the following shades

  • 101 Celestial, 102 Nova, 200 Comet, 201 Solstice, 300 Out of this world, 301 Galaxy, 303 Apocaliptic, 400 Big Bang, 401 Aurora, 500 Luna, 501 Stellar, 600 Nude Eclipse, 601 Lightyear, 701 Stargazer

What are your favorite shades in the new Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer line?  I’d love to for you to share!

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    1. Author

      The shimmer is so gorgeous! There is a true nude one that I want to pick up to see what it is like – I just love the formula of these so much! 🙂

  1. These look amazing, and I love that you wrote about the tip to see if they have been ‘sampled’ previously to buying!

    1. Author

      They are very great quality! I think you will like them Ashley. 🙂 Yes I am glad there is a secondary way to find out if they have been sampled – pretty cool too! 🙂

  2. Aurora is crazy gorgeous! I always like my lip colours bold (no sheers for me!) so that fits the bill perfectly.

    1. Author

      Hi Georgie! It is definitely a beautiful bold – you will definitely love it since you love bold shades! 🙂

  3. I love your nerd reference!! for the longest time I thought I was the only one going “Apocalips? hehehehe” Pity they changed the name…the name is pretty awesome.

    And those colors look amazing, and I am so tempted by the red! Since your ‘how to wear bright colors” post I’ve been trying to wear more bold lip colors with varying success (imo in bright sunlight and at work it’s a bit too..much? or is that a confidence thing?) and I’ve developed a rather bad habit of collecting vibrant red lippies which I might or might not wear with any regularity. But they’re all so pretty!

    1. Author

      Hi Kazari – So glad you caught my nerd-y reference there! 😉 We just had to see the movie of course the day it came out and it was amaaaazing! 😀 Yes it is a pity they changed the name, although I think most everyone feels the same, so we are probably all going to be calling them “Apocalips” now anyway. 😉 I am glad you have begun to branch out and work your way into wearing bold shades! I do know what you mean about not feeling comfortable or like your lips are entering the room before you do (haha, at least I used to feel that way) but the more you wear it around at home, on brief visits to the grocery store, and look at yourself in the mirror, the more you will get used to it – I promise! 🙂 There may be occasions you don’t feel like wearing a bold lip, and that is totally okay, but when you do then totally go for it! 🙂 For me, a lot of time when I am thinking about what I want to wear that day I will choose the lipstick first, sometimes I even apply it right after foundation and powder so I can work my eyes around my lips if that makes sense – that way I can be sure the eyeshadows compliment the bold or bright lip I’ve chosen! Just another idea – in case that helps you out! You mention you have quite the collection so just choose your favorite of all of them and start out getting used to that one – it will be something you love and you know looks good on you, so you can wear it with confidence! 🙂 Wear those loud lips proud girl! 😀 And of course…have fun! 🙂

  4. I love these! I have Aurora as well and absolutely love it! I have like 5 others! I’m a little obsessed at the moment! Lol Great review!!

    1. Author

      Hi Aileen, I totally can see why you are obsessed with them – they are amazing!! I seriously wasn’t sure if they were going to be “all that” even from what others were saying about them, but ya…definitely “all that” for sure! 🙂 Do you have the true nude one? I am so curious if it is a dark nude, or if it seems more of a brown or a peachy nude?

    1. Author

      Hi Rica! You are going to love these! I am so curious if yours will be called “Apocalips” or “Show-Off” since you are in Canada. I hope they arrive for you soon! 🙂

  5. I am soooo looking for these today! Thanks to your enticing pictures of them, I must have some! haha

    1. Author

      You will love them Miranda! I hope you get a bold one so you can show off those pretty lips! 🙂

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