Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner Swatches, Review

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Rimmel London’s ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliners were something I knew I had to get my hands on when I spotted them in the drugstore a few weeks ago.  With a total of 10 shades available, I purchased four to share with you today.

 L to R: Black, Taupe, Nude, Deep Blue

Top to Bottom: Nude, Deep Blue, Taupe, Black

 Swatched L to R: Black, Taupe, Nude, Deep Blue

Swatch Notes: Black swatches very black.  Taupe looks more like a light brown on my arm, but used on the lashline does look taupe. Nude is a nice bright nude and perfect for using in the waterline to brighten up an eye look!  Deep Blue swatched a little lighter than I expected – I was looking for a dark navy blue, but this is more like a blue-violet, which is still pretty.

Rimmel London has been coming out with some great products lately, and so when I saw that they had new kohl eyeliners available I had a feeling they would be something worth checking out, and I was right!  First of all, can you believe a budget-friendly brand has come out with a nude eyeliner?!  This is great!  There are 10 total shades available: Black, Sparkling Black, Brown, Taupe, Nude, Deep Blue, Turquoise, Light Blue, Silver, and Purple.  Rimmel states the eyeliners are smooth and creamy, glide on easily, waterproof, and safe for sensitive eyes.

Application & Wear.  I found these eye kohls easy to work with.  They glide on easily, and are definitely waterproof on me.  It was easy to wear them in the waterline – especially the nude shade, and it would last for at least 4 hours for me, then slowly fade away.  I did not experience any discomfort from using them on the waterline.  Using them on the top lashline was also easy, as they leave a bit of time after the initial application so you can fix or work with the product before it sets up.  Using the eyeliner on the top lashline lasted all day for me.

Ingredients.  For a full list of ingredients in this product, please view the product packaging here.

Overall, I think these eyeliners are a great value, last long enough for me, and I love that they have included a nude shade (plus I think that darker skintones could use the taupe shade as a nude as well!).  These are definitely worth looking into!

Where to Buy:  Rimmel London is sold at drugstores like Walgreens and CVS, as well as retailers like Walmart and Target.  Prices may vary upon location, but I purchased these at Walmart for around $4 each.

  • Product – 10/10
  • Formula- 10/10
  • Pigmentation – 9/10
  • Longevity- 9/10
  • Application – 10/10
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  1. I reallyyyyyyyy wanted to get these till I swatched one and saw that it smudges too easily. Maybe I wasn’t patient enough? It didn’t seem to have a great lasting power.. tell me I’m wrong bc Im dying for the nude shade for my waterline. 🙂

    1. I thought they lasted great, and they did not smudge on my arms after setting, and I also found they don’t smudge on my lashline either. I know everyone is different though, but really for a few dollars you can’t go too wrong to try out the nude shade – even if it smudges it would be a nude color so you wouldn’t be left with raccoon eyes if it smudged on ya, am I right?! Lol! 🙂 I say give it a shot! Walmart had the best prices on them, and my store had them individually packaged so no one could open them up and swatch them – perfect! 🙂 Some of the drugstores I noticed just have them individually and so you have to check them out before purchasing. Good luck! 🙂

    2. I have it in the Nude and use it on my waterline with great lasting power. They are very creamy, but once they set, they won’t budge.

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