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I’ve been on the hunt for an eye makeup remover that is gentle, doesn’t sting, is oil-free (but that also doesn’t leave a slippery or slick residue behind either) and actually works.  I am loving my Bioderma Sensibio for full face makeup removal, but I need something extra for the eyes, especially waterproof mascaras and liners. The Rimmel London Gentle Eye Makeup Remover works well at removing eye shadow, and with a little extra soaking with a cotton pad it does remove my waterproof eye make up, all without leaving my eyeballs feeling slippery afterwards – eeeww! 😉  I’ve already purchased my second bottle for a backup.

Rimmel London Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (3)

Rimmel London Gentle Eye Make Up Remover Ingredients.  Contains no scent and feels like water.  It is gentle on my eyes – no stinging!

The one thing I will note is that it does have a hard time removing the waterproof Rimmel ScandalEyes pencil liners.  Those pencils definitely stay in place that is for sure (which is a good thing for the liner!).  I haven’t had issues with other pencil or liquid liner removal.

Special thanks to Erin (Savvy Beauty for Moms), Jane Daly (Daly Beauty) and Arianne (GlitterGeek) for recommending this remover to me when I was inquiring on Twitter.  Thanks ladies!

I just have to know!  What is your favorite eye make up remover?

Price & Availability

  • $4.50 – $7.00 (USD) for 4.2 oz. Prices vary upon location
  • $5.89 (USD), Drugstore.com
  • $6.49 (USD), Walgreens
  • $7.29 (USD), UltaBeauty

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