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I was inspired recently to look for a bold red lipstick, much like the new Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in 08 Iconic Red, but wanted to find a cost-effective alternative and it turns out I didn’t have to look far!  I was looking through my lipstick stash and discovered this beauty: Revlon Matte Really Red.

Revlon Matte Really Red

Revlon Matte Really Red

Revlon Matte Really Red



  • Product – 8/10
  • Formula – 9/10
  • Pigmentation – 10/10
  • Longevity – 8/10
  • Application – 4/5

Revlon’s Matte Really Red is pretty much a straight-up red and most definitely an eye-catching shade!  It’s the kind of red that instantly pales my face and packs a serious punch, but I think every girl needs one of those red shades that enters the room before she does.

The formula is a little drying, although I did not find it terrible, especially for a matte lipstick and because of this it does give the lipstick more lastting power than a regular moisturizing lipstick.  I get about three hours of wear out of it, but the red pretty much lasts a total of five hours, while not maintaining its intensity throuhgout this entire period, of course, but enough so where I was not feeling I needed a touchup.  I found it wore off fairly evenly.  The application was smooth, although I did use a lipliner around the outer lipline in the above photos (a nude shade) for ease (of mind) and application.

OVERALL, I find this to be an excellent shade that really looks beautiful matte!  I would recommend this to any woman experimenting with trying to find their perfect red shade.

WHERE TO BUY:  Revlon Matte Really Red can be found online for $7.99at as well as locally in stores like Wal-Mart, Target and various drugstores.

Disclosure: I purchased this product.  For more details, please visit VR’s Terms&Conditions page.


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