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Everyone’s favorite Makeup Artist Sisters, a.k.a. PixiWoo on YouTube, have released two limited edition eye, cheek and lip kits.  After watching Sam and Nic’s videos for years now and learning so much, I knew once these palettes launched they were a must-buy!  Today I have photos, swatches and a few of my thoughts on the Modern Natural Makeup Kit ($25 US) and Night Owl Makeup Kit ($25 US).

real Techniques Makeup Palettes Packaging

the real Techniques Makeup Palettes are packaged in lightweight cardboard/foam with lightweight clear plastic to see the makeup inside.  They have a magnetic closure.


The lip glosses are quite petite – about the length of my pinky finger!

When first opening the package from real Techniques I was impressed with the sturdy packing material and how fast they shipped to the US.  Also included with each order is a special addition real Techniques pointed eyeliner brush which is not available for purchase separately (not pictured in this post).  The packaging of the palettes is quite inexpensive feeling.  The cardboard is very lightweight, and the plastic holding each product’s pan in is quite flimsy  The magnetic strip does fasten quite well, however, so I would feel confident traveling with this makeup kit.

real Techniques Makeup Palettes

Modern Natural Makeup Kit


The Modern Natural kit includes 3 shimmer eye shadows, 1 velvety-smooth matte eye shadow, 1 dark gel eyeliner, 1 perfect-finish blush, 1 glowing highlighter, 2 shiny lip glosses


Eyeshadow Swatches L to r: Quicksand, Gold Metal, Caramel Mocha, Nightshade and Dark Chocolate (Gel Liner)


Modern Natural Cheek and Lip Swatches L to R: Coral Sunset, Champagne, Nectar, Copperhead


Night Owl Makeup Kit


The Night Owl Makeup Kit includes 3 shimmer eye shadows, 1 velvety-smooth matte eye shadow, 1 dark gel eyeliner, 1 perfect-finish blush, 1 glowing highlighter, 2 shiny lip glosses


Eyeshadow & Gel Liner Swatches – L to R: Quicksand, Royal Orchid, Midnight Sapphire, Galaxy and Ink (gel liner)


Night Owl Kit Lip & Cheek Swatches L to R: Flushed, Champagne, Nude Rose, Cabernet.


Wearing the Modern Natural Makeup Kit


Modern Natural Palette: on the lids: shimmery gold/brown on the lids, brown in the crease, light shimmer as a highlight and taupe/brown in the outer corner and underneath the lashline.


Modern Natural Palette: on the cheeks: Blush & Highlighter. Lips: Pink gloss with Golden gloss in the center of the lips.



The eyeshadows are my favorites from the kits.  I love the formula of both the shimmer and the matte eyeshadows.  They are smooth and creamy with plenty of pigmentation.  The lightest highlight shades are very easy to work with and blend out and the shimmer is quite vibrant without any glitter and no fallout – they are very smooth!

My favorite of the two palettes is Modern Natural easily because it includes shades I can reach for on a daily basis.  My favorite of the eyeshadows is the golden shimmery brown shade – this is absolutely stunning on the lids all on its own even, blended out and has quickly become my go-to shade when I’m heading out the door in a hurry.  The highlight shade is easy to work with and blends out beautifully and the matte brown is also easy to blend out and is perfectly pigmented.  The plum/taupe shade is a nice addition especially to balance out the warm tones in the palette.

The shades in the Night Owl palette do not appeal to me as much, however, if you like smokey eyes then you may want to take a look into it.  The shadows are quite pigmented and easy to work with.  The two darkest charcoal shades in the palette can look incredibly similar on the lids when blended out, so packing the more shimmery of the two on the lids (or applying it wet on the lids) will differentiate it enough from each other.  The matte shade in the Night Owl kit is the plum shade, which I find pigmented enough, but it is almost not deep enough for my liking paired together with the other deep shades in the palette.  I think it could be slightly more rich in color (but not darker).

Lip Glosses

The Lip Glosses in both kits are petite, measuring about the size of my pinky finger.  Both shades in the Modern Natural kit are very sheer and my natural lips show through.  One shade from the Night Owl kit is sheer as well, but the most pigmented is the red from this kit.  All of the glosses are very shiny and smooth on the lips.  They have a light synthetic vanilla scent but no flavor.

The blushes in both palettes are nicely pigmented, with the both shades being very similar in shade, however the Night Owl Kit blush has a soft golden sheen to it while the Modern Natural kit has a matte finish.  In application I found the matte blush from the Modern Natural Kit had to be built up a bit on my cheeks, while the Night Owl Kit was a little more pigmented and easier to build up.  Both blushes blend out very well on the cheeks.  It is important to note the size of the blushes are very small, but I found the real Techniques Contour Brush (from the Core Collection) fits perfectly into the blush pan so I can get the color onto my cheeks more easily.

Cream Products: Highlighter & Gel Eyeliner

There are also two cream products included in this kit.  In general I do not like to have cream and powder products included in the same kit with powder products because powder tends to fly into the cream products making them not as easy to work with.  In addition, the powder blush is located in between the two cream products in both palettes so it is more likely the blush will fly into the highlighter and gel.  Fortunately I have found using the Contour Brush as I mentioned above to keep it fairly tidy when using the palette.

The highlighter gives the cheeks a beautiful sheen.  It is a pale pearlescent highlighter that leans more toward white, but it blends easily into the skin easily and I find the effect very flattering.  The gel eyeliner I was not very impressed with.  It is quite hard and a little dry, so using it along the upper lashline takes patience.  I also found I needed to set the gel eyeliner with an eyeshadow because the liner did not fully set on my upper lashline after application.  I did not use the gel liner in my waterline.

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  1. When I first saw the kits, I had the same concerns about including powder and cream in one palette. I probably would have purchased these if they were only eyeshadow palettes. I will hold off and hope for more in the future 🙂

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