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If You Love It, Stick a Bow On It! Pixi Beauty Holiday 2016

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I‘ve got Bing Crosby playing in the background, a cup of hot tea next to my keyboard, I’m wrapped in a blanket, and I’ve got a silly smile pasted on my face because I’m giddy about the holiday season.  I started listening to Christmas music officially yesterday so you can bet that at any point I’m going to have Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas stuck in my head for the rest of 2016.  Anyone else with me on this one?  We don’t officially pull our Christmas decorations down from the attic until the day after Thanksgiving, but I cheated a wee bit because of what I’m about to show you that had me in all kinds of a holiday mood.  I think you’ll understand once you see it too.

Pixi Beauty sent their holiday selection so we can take a peek at what’s in store for giving (or getting!) and once I opened up the box I knew these perfectly pretty pixi packages were practically dressed and ready to go for holiday gifting – they just needed a bow!  So, I went up to the attic and pulled down my collection of Christmas ribbons and decided to stick a bow on it as I demonstrated in my Instagram video here:

First of all I love their holiday packaging!  Although they have not modified their product packaging they’ve added a hint of vintage holiday charm on some of the boxes so really all you do need is a bow and it is ready to gift to your girlfriend, your daughter, slip it into a stocking or even gift your secret Santa!  Let’s take a closer look at some of the pieces from the collection.

Palette Rosette Face Palette $28 US

The Palette Rosette Face Palette is a full face set that covers eyes, brows, highlight, glow, blush and contour all in one.

pixi beauty holiday 2016 palette rosette

I just love the packaging on this – so Christmas vintage chic!

pixi beauty holiday 2016 palette rosette

For eyes we’ve got a light shade “day lid”, a darker shade, “night lid” (both shimmer) as well as three eye contours (two shimmer, one matte) so you can choose how deep you want to go with your look from day to night.  For brows Pixi has included three matte shades – a taupe/brown, cool brown, and black.  Three highlight shades give you options for the brow highlight, and the three largest shades in the pan are for “all over glow” which I used as a cheekbone highlight, a shimmery peachy pink blush, and a shimmery contour that I use as a bronzer.  Here are the swatches (swatched on bare skin using the included sponge tip applicator).

pixi beauty palette rosette swatches

Swatched Above – highlight, lid, eye contour and brows

pixi beauty palette rosette swatches

Swatched Above – large pans – “All Over Glow”, “Cheek Blush” and “Enhancing Contour”

The Palette Rosette is a nice palette with a very fun holiday presentation. The palette gives a nice mix of cool and warm neutral tones for the eyes, highlight and the cheeks.  The majority of the products in the palette have shimmer, so you or the one you are gifting are going to want to love shimmer if this palette is for you!  The cheek highlight (“All Over Glow”) is more of a frosty pink highlight, and the blush has more shimmer than pigment so that in application it was hard to get it to show up on my cheeks without really starting to shine.  The contour (bronzer) is quite warm when applied to the cheeks and it it too has quite a bit of bronze shimmer to it as well.  Not that I’m against any sort of shimmer, especially around the holidays, but I had to mention it for you of course.

Fairy Dust Favourites Metallic Warmth $12 US

Next up is for those of you who love, love some heavy metal metallics.  Sounds pretty bad ass to me, but then again we’re talking about fairy dust so can I even call that bad-ass?  Hmm…

pixi holiday fairy dust favourites metallic warmth

The packaging for the Fairy Dust Favourites is a stack-able set, with one lid at the top, and each “bottom” twists off to reveal the next pigment below.  This packaging is not for the clumsy (a.k.a., me), as you will come to find out.

pixi holiday fairy dust favourites metallic warmth

Oh those loose metallics!  Love the punch of color, the intense shimmer and glitz, but watch out for the loose bits when you’re opening it up or you’ll end up dropping the black one all over your carpet once, and then perhaps a second time because you were so in shock the first time you dropped it.


And that is the story of how I ended up with less than 1/4 pigment left in the black pot as pictured above.  The moral of the story is, be careful and say a little prayer to the loose pigment gods before opening up your Fairy Dust Favorites.  Okay, now that you’ve been warned let’s ooh and ahh at the swatches:

pixi holiday fairy dust favourites metallic warmth swatches

They are all my favorite!  (Yes, even the black one which is now embedded in my carpeting)

What can I say about pigments?  Well, they are definitely high on my list of my most-loved eye products simply because of all that glisten and glow they give!  They do require patience to apply – I use a damp synthetic flat brush or my finger and I would advise waiting to do your foundation or at least your under eye concealer until after you’ve applied any pigment due to the fallout, since they are of course loose pigments.  I will say the Fairy Dust Favourites definitely deliver in the pigment and the shimmer for each shade so if loose pigments are your thing girl, give these a shot – I think you’ll like them!

Mattelustre Lipstick Classic Red $12 US

pixi beauty holiday collection mattelustre lipstick classic red

Nothing is quite as classic as a traditional red at the holidays and this Mattelustre Lipstick in Classic Red makes a perfect addition to this collection.  The formula is lightweight and I love the finish – a soft matte that doesn’t dry out the lips.  As far as pigment goes I feel like I need to apply more to get a solid punch of red on my lips but it layers well so it is easy to wear.  The color lasts on my lips for a couple of hours, and slowly starts wearing on the inner corners of the lips first.

Endless Sikly Eye Pen – Opal Overcoat $12 US

pixi beauty holiday opal overcoat

Also, where would the holidays be without a little sparkly eyeliner?  Opal Overcoat is a soft nude sparkling shade that is perfect in the lower waterline to brighten up an eye look.  The formula is soft enough that it doesn’t irritate my eyes when I apply it (and I have very sensitive eyes!) so this one is perfect indeed!

pixi beauty holiday opal overcoat classic red swatches

Swatched – Classic Red and Opal Overcoat

Next I decided to put on some Frank Sinatra holiday music and get to creating a simple holiday look with these Pixi Beauty products.  It’s not too dramatic, but then again I was heading off to Whole Foods to do some Thanksgiving Day meal shopping so I was keeping it a bit understated.  You might even see my mouth watering in the photos below since I was thinking of pecan pie, cranberry sauce and my grandma’s corn and broccoli casserole at the time!

pixi beauty holiday 2016 makeup look

Face Details: Foundation – Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. Cheeks, Eyes & Brows: Pixie Beauty Palette Rosette: blush on the cheeks, glow as a highlight, contour as a bronzer.  “Day lid” on the lids, a mixture of the two darker shades for eye contour.  Lightest shade in my brows.  Pale peach highlight on brow bone.  Upper lash line Pixi Beauty Endless Silky Eye Pen in Slate Gray (I think black would have looked better but oh well!)

pixi beauty holiday 2016 makeup look

On my lips is Pixie Beauty Mattelustre Lipstick in Classic Red.  

pixi beauty holiday 2016 makeup look

For the shimmery pop on the center of my lids I used the reddish/copper shade from the Fairy Dust Favourites – it is such a beauty!

Well now that I’ve gotten out my Christmas ribbon for this post there’s pretty much nothing holding me back from pulling out all the stops and full-on decorating for Christmas before my day-after-turkey-day tradition.  Hmm… we will have to see if I can squeeze it in between the pies and casseroles I need to make between now and Thursday!  A special thank you to Pixi Beauty for sending these products my way so I can get even more inspired by the season.

What do you think of the holiday selection from Pixi Beauty for this year?  Will you be glowing for that face palette or are you looking for fairy dust full-on metallics?  Let me know what you think and if you’ll be giving or getting these for yourself this holiday season.  Also be sure to let me know if you are in full holiday mode like I am already!
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