VanityPicks Friday Edition: Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Amazon Infinity Mist

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Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Amazon Infinity Mist

THIS WEEK’S FRIDAY FAVE is a product I’ve had for over a year that I have recently rediscovered.  I purchased the Nick Chavez Amazon Infinity Mist after hearing about it on YouTube when I was searching for ways to get more volume to my then near waist-length hair.  As some of you may have experienced, when you have very long and thin hair there is not a whole lot of products you can use to get volume at the roots without the hair just weighing it down after a few hours.  (Of course using lots of teasing, hairspray and extensions will do the trick but I can’t stand the feeling of my hair being “untouchable”!)  Now that my hair is shorter I have been finding that some of the volumizing products I purchased long ago are now working for me, which I’m loving!

The Nick Chavez Amazing Infinity Mist is a product that gives hair volume from root to tip.  It is meant to be sprayed onto damp hair and then styled as usual, giving the hair body throughout.  When I use it this way on my fine and color treated hair, I experience dryness and dullness, so instead I find that I like to use this product only at the roots to give my hair body that lasts all day.  I use this product when I am blow drying my hair and using a round brush.  After drying my hair about 90%, I then section off my hair, taking small sections at a time and spraying the Amazon Infinity Mist directly to the roots all around, and dry it using my round brush; then move onto the next repeating the application of the mist as I round-brush each section.  When I am done I am left with a whole lot of va-va-voom volume all over at the roots, which of course tames down a bit as the hair weighs it down, but I am still left with much more volume and “substance” at the roots than when I just leave it alone.

What I like most about this product is that using it at my roots adds volume without leaving my hair crispy or dried out, yet it still leaves my hair touchable.  Your hair may be different, however, so you might be able to use this product throughout your hair and have great results.  I am definitely loving the way I have found it to work best for my hair!

What is your your Friday Fave for this week?  I’d love to know!


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