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Ever since the nail caviar trend has been introduced, I have been very curious what it would be like to walk around with little beads on my nails (and if I would be able to stand the texture!), so I figured it was high-time I gave into my curiosity, especially when I spotted a new and very affordable version in Walmart the other day by Rock Beauty London: Nail Rock Nail Caviar.

The Nail Rock kit comes with the nail polish, beads and instructions.  I purchased the shade Moon Silver

The brush is very easy to work with, and the metallic polish formula applies smoothly and extremely metallic.

The fun part!  The mini beads in Moon Silver are described as “holographic silver”.  They are divine!

Some of the beads appear silver, some are clear, and some are holographic – reflecting many colors.

Two coats of polish, with the caviar beads on top (no topcoat)

I initially thought it would be difficult to get the beads all the way to the tip of nail, while not spilling over and making the edges uneven, but they evened out very well, and with the silver polish underneath it fills in the gaps in any places where the beads missed so it is not very noticeable.

I am finding the Nail Rock Nail Caviar in Moon Silver absolutely stunning!  The silver polish base is perfect underneath the holographic silver beads, and when the light or flash catches it – wowza!  It looks like a thousand tiny diamonds are on your nails (to see a photo with flash check my Instagram here.).

Application Tips & Experience.  The instructions state to apply one coat of polish first, then apply a second coat, dip the nail into the beads to pick them up, then gently press them all over the nail to ensure they are attached   Then allow the nails to dry for 15-20 minutes.  I found that if I sprinkled the beads on top of the wet polish while holding my hand over a paper plate, it was easiest to get the beads evenly all over the nail and not miss a spot.  It was also easy to dump what fell off back into the container.

Length of Wear.  After the polish dries I noticed some of the beads that I thought were attached were slightly loose, and while I was walking or typing at the desk I would hear a tiny bead bouncing off of my fingers, but after a couple of hours that did not happen, and they only fell off if I brushed up against something with force.  I did not feel they were too fragile not to function, however, I did take care when washing my hair and doing light housework.  By the end of the second day more had fallen off, but because of the silver polish on the nail it keeps it looking fairly even.  I also experimented with doing a topcoat on one hand, and leaving the other hand uncovered.  The beads only seemed to stay on slightly better on the hand with the topcoat, but I did not find it to be worth it because it completely changed the look of the beads, and made it less holographic and shiny – so if you purchase this kit and want the maximum effect, I would not recommend at topcoat.

Removal.  This polish can be removed with regular nail polish remover.  I found I needed to soak the nail for a bit to loosen it, but then it was easy to take the cotton pad, swiping the nail from the side, I could loosen and almost “peel” off the caviar beads and polish in one motion, then just finish cleaning up the edges.  It was rather painless, and much less time consuming than glitter polishes.

Overall, I think this polish is perfect for special occasions, or when you want that extra glam for a short period of time.  Going into this experiment with caviar bead nails I knew I might not like the extra texture feeling on the nails, and while it was not as difficult to keep it on as I thought, after 24 hours I was ready to take it off (just my personal preference of course).  I can say I was so impressed with how it looked on the nails, and with the glint of “diamonds” I saw on my nails when the light catches it, I know will totally wear this mani again, despite the extra texture!

Where to Buy.  Nail Rock can be purchased in-store at Walmart for approximately $5.97 or online at  They also have many nail wraps to choose from that are very unique and eye-catching!

Have you purchased any of the Nail Rock Nail Caviar or Nail Wraps? I’d love to hear your experience and your favorites!

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  1. WOW!!!! Talk about GORGEOUS!!! And so good to hear that the removal isn’t a pain like glitter. I think that’s why I avoided this look, but now that I know… haha!! You did such a beautiful job Angie, so pretty!!

    1. Hi Janna – thank you! 🙂 I am loving it for sure, and I was so surprised that it was not a pain to remove – definitely soak the nail for a little bit, then keep in mind the “peeling” type motion (although that sounds harsh, it isn’t!) and it will be a cinch to remove! 🙂 (I tried just rubbing it off like regular polish and it was just as bad as trying to remove glitter, so I would definitely recommend the “peeling”) 🙂

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