Mistura Beauty Solutions Essential Kit Review

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Today I wanted to review for you the Essential Kit from Mistura Beauty Solutions.  I have been using this kit for six weeks now, and wanted to share with you swatches and my experience with it.

Mistura Beauty Solutions Essential Kit
contains: a mini compact of the 6-in-1 Beauty Solution
Mini kabuki brush
sample size Luminada
Vitamin E lip treatment
Product packaging
pamphlet inside
vitamin E lip treatment
Luminada swatch (note the iridescence)

mini kabuki brush (very soft yet dense)

the 6-in-1 Beauty Solution compact

swatch and close-up (note the sheen)

Mistura Beauty’s Essential Kit contains the above products and is intended to be an all in one solution for busy women or women that would like a simpler and less complicated approach to makeup application.

Individual Product Review:

Luminada –  Luminada is a hydrating and illuminating moisturizer that can be used before makeup application.  I tried to capture the iridescent properties in the lotion above, so if you look closely you may be able to see a slight iridescent sheen. The lotion does disappear once blended into the face, but I do notice an overall brightening effect because of the illuminating properties.  I found the product to be easy to apply, moisturizing, light feeling, and not greasy.

Kabuki Brush.  This travel sized kabuki brush is the perfect size for travel and is incredibly soft, yet dense. I found it worked well with the included powder.

6-in-1 Beauty Solution. This powder product is intended to be buffed all over the face to give an overall warmed and fresh look.  For my purposes, I find that it looks best on my cheeks as well as used in the crease of my eyelids to give me a fresh and warmed up look.  It does have reflective properties (seen in the swatch above) so I found that it looked best on areas of my face that did not have deeper wrinkles are larger pores, so that is why I opted to use it on my cheekbones.  This product is very pigmented and a little goes a long way, so it does take a light and careful hand when applying and blending.

Vitamin E Lip Treatment.   First of all the packaging on this is so cute and sleek! 🙂  This is a clear lip treatment that I found to be moisturizing and softening to my lips.  I like to use this product on my lips before I apply makeup so they are nice and soft by the time I get to my lip product.  I also like to keep this on my nightstand and apply it before I go to bed.  I like that it is more of a stiff product and is not gooey, but begins to soften as I apply it to my lips.  I find because of this it stays on my lips longer than other lip treatments I have tried.

Here is a simple look I created using the Mistura products, as well as other products in my collection (listed below).


Products used in this look:

Mistura Beauty Luminada applied all over face
Paula’s Choice Barely There Sheer Matte Tint SPF20 all over face
Coastal Scents Bright eyed to brighten under eyes/Mac Studio Finish Concealer on spots
UD Eyeshadow base in Eden all over lid to brighten
Mistura Beauty 6-in-1 Beauty Solution on cheeks & on eyes in the crease
Revlon Custom Eyes waterproof mascara
Mistura Beauty Vitamin E lip treatment
L’Oreal Cotton Pink lipstick

  • Product – 9/10
  • Formula – 8/10
  • Pigmentation – 10/10
  • Longevity – 10/10
  • Application – 4/5

    Overall,  I love the warmed-up look I can achieve using these products, and although I do not use the product all over my face due to personal preference, I do like the look I get when using them.

    Where to Purchase: Mistura Beauty Products can be purchased from: MisturaBeauty.com and are also sold in Canadian stores listed on their website.  The Mistura Beauty Essential Kit I reviewed today can be purchased for CAN$28.99 online. (Please note the Luminada is now 1/8th ounce packaged in a jar instead of the tube pictured above). Mistura Beauty also has other beauty products available in the Mistura Beauty Store

    Disclosure: This product was sent by the company for editorial consideration.  For more details, please visit VR’s Terms&Conditions page.

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