Maybelline Limited Edition Summer 2013 Color Tattoos Swatches

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A sandy seashore is the setting for the new Maybelline Limited Edition Summer 2013 Color Tattoos

The Limited Edition Maybelline Color Tattoos released for Summer 2013 are starting to pop up, so you should be spotting them soon in your local drugstores in a special display*.  There I was, my long-range pirate-y telescope in hand, when from the bird’s nest of my pirate-y ship I spied these little jewels glistening on the sandy seashores of my local beauty department.  “LAND HO!”

Okay, so maybe I was madly searching them out for a week or so, but I finally got my hands on them to share with you!  Here are swatches and photos of six (of the eight) new for Summer 2013 Color Tattoos in all of their glistening glory!


Maybelline Summer 2013 Color Tattoos: All 8 shades shown in this post (swatched below)


Maybelline Summer 2013 Color Tattoos – they are always so pretty – like little jewels!


Precious Pearl – a soft creamy white with slight sparkle


Waves of White – a softly pigmented iridescent white


Shady Shores – a pale golden shade with iridescence


Swatched – L to R: Precious Pearl, Waves of White, Shady Shores


Icy Mint – a softly pigmented pale green-blue


Cool Crush – a beautiful cool blue-silver shade


Lavish Lavender – a pale metallic lavender shade


Swatched L to R: Icy Mint, Cool Crush, Lavish Lavender


Blue Paradise – a blue with periwinkle shift


Seashore Frosts is a unique shade, looking mostly a blue-purple in the pot it swatches with more of a coppery/gold shade with hints of blue shift.


Swatched L to R: Blue Paradise, Seashore Frosts


There are a total of eight Limited Edition shades in the Summer 2013 Color Tattoos Collection – wow, that is massive!  When I originally posted this article, I hadn’t found Seashore Frosts and Blue Paradise, but I was able to find them and added in the swatches above.


These shades are shimmery, and some (as noted above) are more on the sheer side, but would be great used as eyeshadow bases.  Others like Lavish Lavender and Cool Crush are pretty pigmented and could be used as a more solid wash of color on the lids.  In any case, I find in general the Maybelline Color Tattoos are easy to build up if you let each layer dry.  I like to use these both as an eyeshadow base and as a quick and easy-wear lid color.  I find if I do not wear a thick layer of the Color Tattoos I am fine without using a base.  When layering I do use a base to prevent creasing.  The shades in this collection overall are light, metallic and soft shades to work with for summer.  My top picks of these would be Precious PearlCool Crush and Lavish Lavender.  Icy Mint is a good idea, but it is very sheer and I wish it had the punch that Cool Crush has. The shades I just found Blue Paradise and Seashore Frosts are very gorgeous.  Seashore Frosts is a little different than it looks in the pot – it is mostly a shimmery pale copper-blue – very unique and iridescent.  Blue Paradise is a pale blue with periwinkle shift to it.  Again, very pretty!

Price & Availability

This collection is Limited Edition for this summer, so check out your local drugstores for the special displays*.  Prices range from around $5-$7 each.

Let me know if you have spotted the Summer Maybelline Color Tattoos and what you picked up!

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    1. Yes I think Cool Crush is so pretty! 🙂 Thank you Arielle – I think I’m dreaming of beachy days so this is my attempt at satisfying that! 😉

  1. I finally found these today! So excited to try them. They all look amazing! I almost didn’t pick up waves of white, but so glad I did. They’re all gorgeous! Hope you do some looks with these!

    1. Oh good! I am so happy you found them. 🙂 I have to agree, they are so pretty! Which is your favorite? That is a great idea to do a makeup look using these! I hope to make time to do that. 🙂

      1. Seashore frosts by far! Such a gorgeous color!! I love them all, but that one is such an unusual beautiful color! Hope you find it!! It is worth looking for!

        1. Yes I am hoping I find that one as well. I went looking again yesterday (well since I was out and about already of course, lol!) and no luck. I’ll keep my eyes peeled though! 🙂

  2. Oh, aren’t these beautiful! Thanks for a lovely colorful post, these won’t make it to my province until 2014 if at all, so I’m sure glad I get to see you try them.

    1. Oh that makes me so sad that you might not see them! 🙁 I wish they weren’t so limited in where and when they release them. Is there a brand of a similar product that is more accessible to you that you are curious about that I could review? Let me know for sure! 🙂

      1. Haha, no worries, I have enough eyeshadows to last my whole life.

  3. Ooooh my that lavender is SO pretty! I didn’t see this at my CVS when I went the other day so I better start running around to a few different stores. I feel like the drugstores in my area NEVER have any new releases :*(

    1. Oh bummer! I know the feeling about running everywhere! In my area one store I always counted on to have the newest collections seems like they took a break for the past two months and I didn’t see any new collections, I thought it was insane! Then these popped up, along with the L’Oreal candy collection (or whatever it is called) so I was happy to see they are back on the LE collection stuff again! Whew! Haha! The drugstores in my area are just as spotty as you describe in yours and sometimes Walgreens will get something, another times it is CVS, and some stores will have a big display and others just tiny ones. It is almost getting exhausting enough to keep up with I’m going to be cutting back searching them all out and stick to more easily accessible and reliable products. I am glad I found these ones though – such a pretty summer addition. I wish you luck in finding them!

    1. Oh ugh! I have yet to see them up at Wags or CVS – so far only my local grocery store. I hope you get them soon! 🙂

    2. I just spotted a brand new display in my local Walgreens yesterday for the entire Maybelline Summer 2013 collection and updated this post with the two Color Tattoos I was missing. I hope you were able to find a display, but if not don’t give up hope since they seem to be still popping up in places yet! 🙂

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