Maybelline Up In Smoke and Gilded In Gold Make Up Kits

Here to Cure Your Winter Blues: Maybelline Gilded In Gold and Up In Smoke Make Up Kits

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A quality all-in-one makeup kit at the drugstore by one of my favorite brands and all under $15?  Yes please!  The limited edition Up In Smoke and Gilded In Gold make up kits from Maybelline are a great way to get an easy makeup look all in one palette for eyes, cheeks and lips.

Maybelline Up In Smoke and Gilded In Gold Make Up Kits

Released around the holidays toward the end of 2015 I’ve still seen these tucked in odd spots in the beauty department at my local drugstores so if you didn’t happen to get your hands on them when they first came out check again and you just might get lucky!

Let’s take a closer look:

Up In Smoke

Maybelline Up In Smoke Make Up Kit

Up In Smoke includes four eye shadows, one blush, eye liner, lip gloss, and highlighter and application sponge in the bottom compartment.  Cool, sultry and smokey is the overall feeling I get from this palette.

Maybelline Up In Smoke Swatches

Swatches L to R: Eyeshadows | Blush | Eye Liner | Lip Gloss

The four eye shadows in this set are pretty basic for a smokey eye.  There are two black shades – one is glittery and the other matte, a shimmery charcoal shade and a frosty white.  The colors are soft and blend-able but I do need to take care to not over blend or they can tend to blend too much together.  The blush in the palette is a cool pink and is very nicely pigmented and easy to blend onto the cheeks.  The gloss also has nice pigmentation to it and works well as a soft hint of color to balance out the smokey eye shades in this palette.  I actually love the eye liner in this set too, which surprised me!  It is easy to apply to the lashline and blends out well with a pencil brush, making it easier to get that smudged and smokey look.

Maybelline Up In Smoke Highlighter Swatch

Up In Smoke Highlighter Swatch

The highlighter in this set is actually my favorite of the two make up kits. It has a soft peachy tone to it and is buttery soft.  There is still quite a bit of sparkle to it, so if you have large pores and/or wrinkles you will need to take care not to go crazy with it, but I’m definitely impressed with the formula and shade of this one!

Gilded In Gold

Maybelline Guilded In Gold Make Up Kit

Gilded In Gold also includes four eye shadows, one blush, eye liner, lip gloss, and highlighter and application sponge in the bottom compartment.  Gold, bronzed with a glam red for the lips is the theme of this palette!

Maybelline Gilded In Gold Swatches

Swatches L to R: Eyeshadows | Blush | Lip Gloss | Eye Liner

The four eye shadows in this set are warm-toned, golden and bronzed – all the shades I’m typically drawn to!  All four shadows are either highly frosted or shimmery, making them excellent all-over the lid shades but adding in a matte to balance things out when doing a full eye look is something that is missing from this one.  Each eye shadow is pigmented, soft and has surprisingly little fallout, but again I needed to take care not to over blend so the shades don’t run into each other.  At first I thought my favorite shade would be the gold, but it is actually the champagne/peach shade – it is beautiful in the center of the lid and could also double as a highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones.  I am in love with the blush from the palette – it is a soft warm nude shade that is surprisingly pigmented and leaves the cheeks with a warm glow.  The lip gloss is a vibrant warm red that has excellent pigmentation and goes well with the entire look.  The eye liner is the same formula as with the other palette so it is easy to apply and smudge out if needed.

Maybelline Gilded In Gold Highlighter Swatch

Gilded In Gold Highlighter Swatch

The highlighter in this kit is not as buttery soft as in the other.  It has a golden yellow tone to it and because of its powdery base by the time I blended it out it seems like the glitter is all that is left.

In both make up kits a small sponge is included in the bottom next to the highlighter, but I preferred to use a brush to apply the highlighter.

The Bottom Line

Overall I love that there is an affordable and good quality make up kit available at the drugstore.  The palette itself is nice and compact, and the product inside is easy to work with, pigmented and versatile.  While I have things like like about one palette vs. the other as a whole I’m a fan!

What do you think of the Maybelline Make Up Kits?  Would you like to see the brand release more of these in the future?  Let me know below!
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$15 US | Limited Edition Available in store at Maybelline retailers such as Walgreens, CVS and other drugstores.  Although these kits were released at the holidays be sure to check your local beauty department because I’ve still seen some tucked away here and there as I’m out and about!

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