Maybelline Color Whisper Limited Edition Shades Summer 2013

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New Limited Edition Maybelline Color Whispers

New limited edition Maybelline Color Whispers are popping up in local drugstores right now.  Have you spotted them yet?  There are a total of six in the collection and I have three to share with you today.

Limited-Edition-Maybelline-Color-Whispers-2013 (6)

Limited Edition Color Whispers: L to R Strike a Rose, Coral Tease, Pink Bombshell

Limited-Edition-Maybelline-Color-Whispers-2013 (7)

Pink Bombshell

Limited-Edition-Maybelline-Color-Whispers-2013 (3)

Pink Bombshell appears to be more of a peachy shade that is very subtle on my lips and has a slight pearl finish.

Limited-Edition-Maybelline-Color-Whispers-2013 (8)

Strike a Rose

Limited-Edition-Maybelline-Color-Whispers-2013 (4)

Strike a Rose is a sheer mid-tone pink with a slight heavier pearl finish that leans towards a frost.  It is my favorite of the three!

Limited-Edition-Maybelline-Color-Whispers-2013 (9)

Coral Tease

Limited-Edition-Maybelline-Color-Whispers-2013 (5)

Coral Tease is a warm and pigmented rusty shade.  It has a pearl finish as well, with the addition of glitter.

Limited-Edition-Maybelline-Color-Whispers-2013 (1)

L to R: Coral Tease, Pink Bombshell, Strike a Rose


All three of the Limited Edition Color Whispers perform very similarly.  They are all softening and moisturizing on my lips and apply and wear well.  The pigmentation varies a bit between all three. Pink Bombshell is the most sheer and gives my lips a slight peachy-pink tint.  It has a soft pearl finish which makes it unique.  Coral Tease is the most pigmented, and pulls a warm rusty-brown shade.  This actually surprised me, especially since the model Charlotte in the display is featured as wearing this shade and it is much lighter and more peach-toned in the photo.  There is the addition of glitter in this shade which changes the texture only slightly, but it still softens and moisturizes as the rest of them do.   Strike a Rose is a cooler mid-tone pink with pearl finish that is more heavy than Pink Bombshell and I feel it leans slightly towards a frost.  If you find that scares you a bit (for some reason it reminds me of solid frosty lips from the 80’s paired with turquoise eyeshadow) then you don’t need to fear.  The frost is subtle and does not accentuate lip lines.  In fact, I find this to be my favorite of the three I purchased.  Color Whispers tend to not last long on my lips because they are so lightweight and moisturizing, so I get about 1.5 hours wear before they completely disappear, but they are easy to reapply.

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