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Earlier in the week I promised a few readers some comparison swatches of the new Maybelline Color Tattoos Metals Collection that I reviewed.  I pulled the ones I have from the original collection and some past limited edition collections that were similar to swatch for you so you can get an idea of how they look side by side.  Most all are not exact duplicates, but I wanted to pass this along to you in case it would assist you.  I’ll start with the one most people are talking about first:

Left: Metals Collection: Barely Branded Right: Scene on the Runway Collection (Fall 2012) Barely Beige

Left: Barely Branded, Right: Barely Beige

As you can see, there is “barely” a difference between these two!  If you want to get technical then Barely Beige has a slight warm hint of pinky peach, but on the lid they are not noticeably different.  Good news for anyone who couldn’t pick up Barely Beige in the fall!

Top: Metal Collection: Gold Rush 

Bottom Left: Original Collection: Bold Gold Bottom Right: Scene on the Runway Collection (Fall 2012) Gold Shimmer

L to R: Bold Gold, Gold Rush, Gold Shimmer

These really do not look very similar when swatched or on the lid, but nonetheless they are all in the gold family!

Left: Original Collection: Audacious Asphalt Right: Metals Collection: Silver Strike

Left: Audacious Asphalt Right: Silver Strike

Again, not similar, but in the silver family, with Audacious Asphalt pulling more gunmetal than silver.

Left: Metals Collection: Electric Blue Right: Fall 2012 Jewel Tone: Blue on By

Left: Electric Blue Right: Blue on By

These blues are not very similar either, but it was hard to tell just looking at them in the pot.  Blue on By, has a different texture, is harder to blend and build up unless you wait for each layer to dry, and can get patchy as you apply more.   Electric Blue is definitely more pigmented and easier to work with.

I am a huge fan of the Maybelline Color Tattoos.  I also love that they continue to add to their collection!  I almost can’t wait for a spring/summer collection…?! (Here’s to hoping anyway!) 😉

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