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I had only recently experienced my first Maybelline Baby Lips balm a couple weeks ago and had fallen head over heels with getting my lips super soft and luscious, when I ran into a display of some of the new limited edition Baby Lips collection for spring.  Let’s just say I was too excited not to try them all!

 L to R: Twinkle, Melon Mania, Coral Crush, Pink Wink, Yummy Plummy

L to R: Twinkle, Melon Mania, Coral Crush, Pink Wink, Yummy Plummy

 They are so fun and bright for spring!

Twinkle, very sheer with a tiny hint of pink 

Melon Mania, very sheer hot pink

 Coral Crush, sheer orange (can be built up in color very slightly)

 Pink Wink, pale pink with slight creamy finish

Yummy Plummy, sheer purple shade

 Such fun packaging!

Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip balm has definitely been a hot item – not only due to the fun packaging and scents of these lip balms, but for the moisturizing feeling they leave on your lips!  Maybelline says that this balm will hydrate your lips for up to 8 hours and within one week your lips will feel renewed.  When I purchased my first Baby Lips in Pink Punch I wasn’t quite so sure about this product’s ability to renew my lips, but the more I’ve been using these little balm bombs I am definitely starting to feel the softer side of my lips appear!

Pigmentation.  To say that these balms are sheer would be probably be an obvious statement, especially since they are called balms, but I had been pleasantly surprised with the hot pop of pink I got with the first Baby Lips I tried, and was curious to see if any of these LE shades would also deliver.  For the most part they are sheer, but I do like the fact that they threw in a more creamy finish in the mix with Pink Wink.  While of course still being sheer, it is nice to have that extra element to the balm to make it interesting.  I would have to say that the most pigmented shade would be Coral Crush at least on my lips, however I did notice that I get the most color out of it when my lips are dry, and therefore they probably tend to pick up the color more, therefore going back in for reapplication I don’t get as much color.

Scent.  The scent of these are fairly fruity and sweet, with Twinkle reminding me of the scented dolls I would play with as a child (Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin mixed together!).  Pink Wink smells of sweet bubblegum.  The least scented would be Coral Crush, with a hint of citrus (not strong at all).  Yummy Plummy has a scent similar to what I would imagine a plum to smell like, although plums really do not have much of a scent to me!  Melon Mania has a light melon scent, which surprised me — I had expected something heavy and sickly sweet, but it is actually quite light and not bothersome (and nothing like Watermelon Bubblicious *whew*!).

Application & Wear.  All of these balms apply and reapply easily.  The consistency is very smooth and it feels light on the lips.  The more I use them, the more I find them to be softening to my lips.  They do not last on my lips for 8 hours, but I do eat and drink during an 8 hour period, so I wouldn’t expect them to last that length of time anyway.  I would say I can get a good 2 hours (no eating) out of the balms, where my lips still feel hydrated.

Overall I am very pleased with Maybelline’s Baby Lips, and I am loving these new limited edition colors/flavors for the warmer season!

Where to Buy:   I found a special display in my local Ulta store, $3.99 each.

RougeRating Notes:  I originally rated this product a bit lower when considering the lack of pigmentation and longevity of this product, however, I have changed the rating because balms in general are very lightly pigmented anyway and also do not typically last very long on the lips.  I really like this product and do rate it overall an “A”!

  • Product – 10/10
  • Formula- 10/10
  • Pigmentation – 9/10
  • Longevity- 8/10
  • Application – 10/10

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    1. I saw them in Shopper’s drug mart the other day, they’re starting to come in! 🙂 thank you for reviewing these, I’m definitely going to pick some up.

  1. I almost picked one up the other day but stopped myself because I already have so many other lips products! haha I should just give in…

  2. Omg! I love baby lips! I I have the quenched kind (blue with pink writing) it smells so good and my lips feel so soft! And my sister just picked them up for me from cvs and they are cheap and really worth their money.

    1. Yes they totally are! I have one sitting by my desk and use it all day. They are also perfect for putting on while I do my makeup so by the time I am done and ready for lipstick my lips are so soft. 🙂 Love them and so happy you do too! 🙂

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