Go Bold or Get Sheer with the new Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss!

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Sheer and sparkling to bold and opaque, the new Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Glosses are here to spice up my summer!
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When Make Up For Ever launches a new product, they go all out, and 35 shades in the new Artist Plexi-Gloss are definitely the proof! These new glosses offer a range of barely-there shades to the bold and in-your-face with varying intensity and finishes from sheer to opaque.

Make Up For Ever says the glosses are formulated for longevity, offer a high gloss finish and pigmented for the ultimate color payoff.  Today I have five of the new glosses to share with you so let’s take a look!


5 of the 35 ways to get glossy with Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss


Of the shades above, the first two are shimmery (pearl finish) and offer sheer coverage, and three are cream finishes which offer more of an opaque coverage.


The Make Up For Ever SuperFlex Applicator is designed to mimic a makeup artist’s brush stroke to hug the lip and evenly distribute the color.



Swatched L to R: 101 Nude Beige, 105P Pearly Beige, 300P Pearly Golden Pink Coral, 209 Fuschia Pink, 501 Purple


101 Nude Beige is a peachy nude with a cream finish and is pretty much opaque on my lips, giving them a glossy nude finish.


105P Pearly Beige is a shimmery sparkling beige. It looks darker in the tube than it applies on the lips because of the sheer coverage, but the multi-colored sparkles in it make it unique, giving the lips a beautiful natural sparkle.


300P Pearly Golden Pink Coral is another sheer sparkling shade.  Despite the sheerness, I love golden pink in it and the sparkles are golden which makes this an easy-wear summer option!


209 Fuschia Pink is a vibrant fuschia with a cream finish that is fully opaque on my lips.  It is extremely glossy and very pigmented – definitely a fun shade!


501 Purple is a bold deep purple shade with a cream finish.  Although it applied rather patchy in the photo above with some work it does apply more evenly (more about that below).  Definitely not a shade I would go to parent-teacher conferences in, but hey – every girl’s gotta have a purple lip product to have a little fun!

Formula & Longevity

The Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss are a longer-wearing lip gloss so because of this the feeling on the lips is thicker than a typical lip gloss.  Although I am more of lipstick gal, when I do wear gloss I actually prefer ones that are long wearing vs. those that wear off quickly.  With the Artist Plexi-Gloss I can actually get several hours wear when not eating or drinking.  The sheen slightly fades as it wears but the color stays vibrant.  Even when drinking and eating the gloss sticks around unless I wipe it off. During the entire wear-time my lips feel softened and moisturized so the feeling is comfortable.

Shade and Finish

I was happy to have been able to experience a few of the lighter and sheer nude shades as well as a couple of the brighter pigmented shades so I could get a little taste of either end of the shade spectrum.

The two shimmery ones are definitely more sheer, so you may want to keep this in mind if you are looking at darker shades which have the “P” indication after the color number, indicating it is a sheer (or pearl) finish.

My experience with the cream finishes, or “opaque” is that they can vary in coverage, so “opaque” may be a loose term here.  Nude Beige for example is actually quite opaque on it’s own for my natural lip color and it is not too pale making it easy to wear.  I actually do not own any other glosses that are nude and fully opaque (not including liquid lipsticks of course) so it was nice to experience a gloss with this much coverage.  To wear it every day I would just add a nude liner underneath and I’d be good to go!  Of the two darker shades I experienced, Fuchsia Pink is solidly more opaque than Purple in application (as seen in the photo above) – however, the more I worked with the unique applicator tip and got used to it the more evenly it applied, but I couldn’t ever get it to be fully opaque.


The applicator of the glosses is unique and does take some getting used to – as of yet I’m not exactly sure what I think of it.  The wand has quite a bit of bend to it when applying it to the lips, and the flat and rounded way it is shaped means I need to hold it at a specific angle during application.  I also feel like it doesn’t quite load enough on the tip so I end up going back in about three times to get the coverage I’m looking for – sometimes 4 if I want the lips to have the most coverage. I also have to vary the pressure when applying so I don’t wipe off what I’ve already applied.

Overall, of the shades I experienced my favorites are Nude BeigePearly Golden Pink Coral and Fuchsia Pink.  The opacity of the two creams are beautiful and the sheerness and gorgeous sparkle of the other is just what I want in a sheer gloss.  I love the long wearing formula and how it feels on the lips.  If you are looking at purchasing some of the more intense shades in this range you may wish to check them out in store to see if the opacity is what you expect, but other than that I am pleased with this new release from Make Up For Ever!

Have you experienced the new Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss?  What are your favorites?
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