MAC Temperature Rising Colour Collection Altered Beige and Sheer Seduction Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

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Mac Temperature Rising Collection Lipsticks

Mac’s Temperature Rising Collections this summer certainly sizzle, and I couldn’t resist taking a look at the lipsticks from the Colour Collection. With a total of four limited edition shades in the collection, I have two to share with you today.

Altered-Beige-Sheer-Seduction-Lipstick-MAC-Temperature-Rising-Colour-Collection-Summer-2013 (2)

Velvety soft and matte (similar to NARS packaging) the packaging for the entire collection is wrapped in a deep bronze-brown packaging that is divine!  The prices on these products are higher due to the limited edition pricing, but I do not mind because they are so unique.

Altered-Beige-Sheer-Seduction-Lipstick-MAC-Temperature-Rising-Colour-Collection-Summer-2013 (1)

Altered Beige (L) Sheer Seduction (R)  I love the glossy tube underneath with the MAC lettering in brown.  They are the same size as a regular Mac Lipstick.

Sheer-Seduction-Lipstick-MAC-Temperature-Rising-Colour-Collection-Summer-2013 (8)

Sheer Seduction is a Dazzle finish lipstick.

Sheer-Seduction-Lipstick-MAC-Temperature-Rising-Colour-Collection-Summer-2013 (7)

Sheer Seduction (Dazzle) has beautiful golden, bronze and pink reflects in it which are not chunky at all on the lips. It gives the lips a beautiful bronzed sheen.

Sheer-Seduction-Swatches-MAC-Temperature-Rising-Colour-Collection-Summer-2013 (1)

On the lips: Sheer Seduction (Dazzle).  It gives the lips a beautiful bronze-gold dimension.

Altered-Beige-Lipstick-MAC-Temperature-Rising-Colour-Collection-Summer-2013 (9)

Altered Beige is a Lustre finish lipstick.

Altered-Beige-Lipstick-MAC-Temperature-Rising-Colour-Collection-Summer-2013 (6)

Altered Beige (Lustre) is a pale, but easily wearable nude shade because of the light finish.

Altered-Beige-Swatches-MAC-Temperature-Rising-Colour-Collection-Summer-2013 (2)

On the lips: Altered Beige (Lustre) pales my lips slightly, but has a light texture and smooth sheen so it is easy to wear.

My original intention was to purchase a Lipglass from this collection along with Altered Beige, but once I saw Sheer Seduction I knew I had to have it instead!  I also thought it would be perfect to top off Altered Beige, as an alternative to a gloss.  I am so glad I did!  Pairing Altered Beige with Sheer Seduction is beautiful – all of the dazzle from a glitter gloss without the sticky!  Coming up in a makeup look I show what it looks like with full face, but for now here is the closeup for the combination I’m loving.

Sheer-Seduction-on-top-of-Altered-Beige-Swatches-MAC-Temperature-Rising-Colour-Collection-Summer-2013 (3)

I applied Altered Beige to the lips, blotted with a cloth, then applied Sheer Seduction on top, transforming this nude lip into a dimensional soft peachy-bronze nude.  Love it!


L to R: Sheer Seduction, Altered Beige, Altered Beige + Sheer Seduction


The products I purchased from the Temperature Rising Colour Collection.  To see more reviews and photos, please follow the posts here.


Although both of the lipsticks have different finishes, they felt very similarly on the lips to me.  Both were softening, lightweight and smooth.  I was worried Sheer Seduction might feel a little drying or gritty, but it does not.  Both lipsticks have the typical light vanilla scent as other MAC lipsticks.


Altered Beige is a Lustre finish (demi-sheer leaving the lips looking soft and smooth) and because of this I find it easy to wear, even though it pales my lips slightly.  It can be built up to an extent, increasing the shine.  Sheer Seduction is a Dazzle finish (with a sheen like a Lustre, but the addition of micro glitter).  I can achieve full coverage on my lips when layering this one, and the micro glitters are not too obvious or obnoxious.  From a distance it gives a bronze lip look, and you would have to get up close to see the individual glitter.   It is not over the top and definitely perfect for summer.


Altered Beige wore on my lips for a little over an hour before the shine began to fade.  It did not feel drying, but lost the moisturizing shine.  Sheer Seduction wore on my lips for surprisingly longer and felt more moisturizing on my lips.  I wore this for three hours before noticing the sheen was dying down.  When fully wearing off, tiny micro glitters are left on the lip, but they are not chunky.  As I show in the photos above, I like to put Sheer Seduction on top of Altered Beige which increases the wear time of Altered Beige as well.


I found both lipsticks to apply smoothly and easily.  I prefer to use a lip liner with Altered Beige.  Sheer Seduction has that extra dimension from the glitter so it is more forgiving to apply on the lips.


Overall I find both of these lipsticks a beautiful addition to the Temperature Rising Colour Collection.  Wearing Altered Beige is an easy-wear nude lip with sheen that can absolutely pop against bronzed-up skin.  Plus, If you do not like the stickiness from a glitter gloss, Sheer Seduction is the perfect alternative to top off another lipstick, or to wear alone to bronze up your look even more.

RougeRating 92%, A- (Sheer Seduction) / RougeRating 84%, B (Altered Beige)

      • Product – 10/10,  9/10
      • Formula – 9/10,  9/10
      • Pigmentation – 9/10, 8/10
      • Longevity – 8/10, 6/10
      • Application – 10/10, 10/10

Price and Availability

  • Limited Edition, $16.50 (USD), 3 g / 0.1 oz.
  • Nordstrom
  • The entire collection is sold out online at Mac, so check your local Mac counter soon!


Temperature Rising Colour Collection for Summer 2013

  • 2 Eyeshadow Quads $44 (US) each.  Bare my Soul, Temperature Rising
  • 4 Powerchrome Eye Pencils $21 (US) each.  Rich Glance, Copper Strip, Life’s Luxury, Polished Jet. These swatched amazingly!  I did not pick any of them up because I have plenty of eyeshadow sticks, but if you do not have anything like them, definitely check these out.
  • 4 Lipsticks $16.50 (US) each. Caliente, Feel My Pulse, Altered Beige, Sheer Seduction
  • 4 Lipglass $16.50 (US) each. Liquid Passion, Rhythm, Soft Serenade, Underdressed.
  • 2 Powder Blushes $23 (US) each.  Hot Nights, Ripe for Love
  • 2 Nail Lacquer $18 (US) each.  Scorching Haute, Tropical

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