MAC Select Loyalty Program 2016

MAC Rewards Makeup Addicts with the MAC Select Loyalty Program

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Calling all MAC Makeup Lovers!  MAC Cosmetics has taken the plunge into a beauty loyalty program and has announced MAC Select, a program that promises beauty priviledges like upgraded shipping, complimentary express makeup application, expanded Back to MAC and more.  The loyalty program has three ways to climb to the top – Select Seduced, Select Devoted and Select Obsessed.  It is important to note that MAC states this program is not available for PRO members, and other terms and conditions may apply, which you can see here on MAC’s site.

Here’s a breakdown of the three tiers:

Select Seduced

This tier is reached just by signing up.  Here are the benefits:

  • Exclusive limited-edition products
  • Exclusive anniversary gift for Seduced members
  • Complimentary samples online
  • Free standard shipping
  • Back-to-M∙A∙C expanded
  • Convenient Back-to-M∙A∙C tracker

I signed up immediately and this is what my account looks like now.  That $0 spent sure looks sad! 😉

MAC Select Seduced Loyalty Program 2016

Select Devoted

This tier is reached by purchasing $150

  • Exclusive limited-edition products
  • Exclusive anniversary gift for Devoted members
  • Early access on selected collections
  • Enhanced product samples online
  • Back-to-M∙A∙C expanded
  • Convenient Back-to-M∙A∙C tracker
  • Complimentary express makeup application
  • Complimentary 2-Day shipping (with $50 purchase)

Select Obsessed

The highest tier is reached by purchasing $500

  • Exclusive limited-edition products
  • Deluxe anniversary gift for Obsessed members
  • Be the first to shop selected collections
  • Enhanced product samples online
  • Complimentary 2-Day shipping (with $50 purchase)
  • Access new products before anyone else
  • Back-to-M∙A∙C expanded
  • Convenient Back-to-M∙A∙C tracker
  • Two complimentary makeup applications

I’m excited about the new program and I’m curious to see how it plays out, how many sign up for the program and the kind of perks that will be rewarded.  Do I think I’ll climb to the top of the tier?  Probably not, but I’m thinking somewhere in the middle is where I’ll be this year and I think it’s great that MAC is offering extra perks.

Are you excited about the MAC Select program?  Will this make you more likely to shop at MAC Cosmetics directly or are you indifferent?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I joined too. I think, unless you order directly from MAC all the time and order quite a bit, it may be difficult to reach the top 2 tiers. Often, I order MAC products from other retailers, like Nordstrom, in order to get Ebates cash back or other discounts since MAC doesn’t participate. The only time I go directly to MAC is when I’m looking to jump on a LE item or one that is exclusive to their site. Frankly, their Tier 2 doesn’t really offer me anything I can use (that isn’t included in Tier 1) other than possibly early access, but that’s only on select collection so who knows. Since I am not close to a MAC store for makeup application – and doubt I’d go anyway if I was – and my proximity to their warehouse always gives me 1 – 2 day shipping regardless of shipping method, those perks really don’t mean anything to me.

    1. Author

      Yes I am very curious about their “select collections” and what they will choose! There are so many MAC addicts out there I’m thinking the list is going to get long very quickly so I wonder how quickly things will sell out, unless they are just going to offer early access to new permanent products. We shall see! I wish that they would join in on Ebates. I thought I remember years ago seeing them on their once but they disappeared quickly (unless I’m imagining things!) but man it would be nice to at least have that for cash back! I know for sure I won’t get past the second level, and I probably won’t access the makeup application part. I’m curious to see what people will think of these “perks” and if they are worth it! 🙂

  2. My question is what does “Back-to-MAC expanded” mean for each the tiers? Nowhere can I find it spelled out.

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