Mac In Extra Dimension Collection 2013 Extra Dimension Skinfinish Definitely Defined Review, Swatches

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Mac In Extra Dimension Collection for 2013 includes three stunning shimmery highlighters: Definitely Defined, Double Definition, and Shape the Future.  I have Definitely Defined to share with you today, which is a silvery pink/soft rose with shimmer.

Definitely-Defined- Skinfinish-MAC-In-Extra-Dimension-Collection-Summer-2013 (1)

Extra Dimension Skinfinish, Definitely Defined

Definitely-Defined- Skinfinish-MAC-In-Extra-Dimension-Collection-Summer-2013 (3)

The pattern in the product is gorgeous!

Definitely-Defined- Skinfinish-MAC-In-Extra-Dimension-Collection-Summer-2013 (2)

Mac describes their Extra Dimension Skinfinish as: 

A liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights and models the face.  The cool, creamy near-fluid formula creates a luminous, well-defined finish


Definitely Defined Swatched – light side, darker side, together



Wearing Definitely Defined Skinfinish on tops of cheekbones and cupid's bow.



Application Color, & Texture

I found this product applied well with a brush to blend it out.  For a more intense effect you could also use your fingers.  As you can see from the swatches above, the light side is simply a nice champagne, the middle gives a hint of champagne blush, and together they take on a slight peachy tone. The texture of the skinfinish is much like the blush – tightly compacted and molded so you don't have any fallout.  Because of the intense sheen it really is not too hard to pick up the product with a small highlighter brush and build it up to the intensity you desire.

Finish & Wear

The finish of this highlighter is definitely high sheen once on the cheeks.  I had to be careful to only apply it lightly to the tops of my cheekbones and away from any larger pores and wrinkles or they would be accentuated.  The finish is quite metallic but can be blended out a bit by using a trace amount for it to look more natural.  In the photos I used quite a bit of product to show the sheen it gives (although you could get even more intense if you wanted to).


Overall I think the Extra Dimension Skinfinish is a lovely product that can be very versatile especially if you desire intense highlight.  For my purposes, I will be using a very small amount and blending it out, so this highlighter will definitely last me a long time.  I am very pleased with this product, and the way it looks in the pan is gorgeous!

Price & Availability

$30 (USD) 9g/0.31 US oz.



  • Product – 10/10
  • Formula- 10/10
  • Pigmentation – 10/10
  • Longevity- 10/10
  • Application – 8/10
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