Lush Crush! What’s New From Lush Summer 2014

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Lush Summer 2014

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has some goodies for us this summer to keep skin soft, smooth and feeling amazing!  Today let’s look at four body products that are not only cruelty free, handmade, natural and beautiful to look at, they are absolute perfection for the skin and senses too.


Granny is taking a dip so you might want to cover your eyes, kiddos! Named after the Purple Gang song “Granny Takes a Trip” (yes I had to Google that!), Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb | $6.95 explodes your bath with a groovy color show as it dissolves.  It smells of ginger, pepper and lemon so it is quite rejuvenating!


The new D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap | $9.95 – $16.95 almost looks like a serving of strawberries and whipped cream, but instead of a treat for your tummy it’s a treat for those places that need a little “D’Fluffed”!  The formula is inspired by strawberry marshmallow fluff and is filled with fresh strawberries and softening cocoa butter so it is ultra-smooth.  I like to use this one in the tub so that I can enjoy the formula (so it doesn’t wash right off in the shower).  The scent that is left behind is refreshing and it makes me feel so clean afterwards, and doesn’t leave me feeling slimy (something I appreciate so much!)


Exotic and tropical, fresh mangos and citrus oils mean the new Mangnificent | $6.95 soap will transport you to a far off place while getting you squeaky clean.  This is my favorite piece from the summer release!  I love how gentle the formula is and I feel so clean without any slippery residue plus the soap itself is gorgeous – like a work of art!


Parsley Porridge | $6.95 is a refreshing soap that Lush says is nourishing for the skin with ingredients like fresh parsley, finely ground oatmeal, thyme, tea tree oil and aloe gel.  The gentle foaming lather softly exfoliates the skin and can be used on any part of the body, including the face.  I currently have this beside my kitchen sink, but I love the scent so much it’s heading to my shower next!


Lush proves bath products can be gorgeous!

Have you tried any of the new products for Summer 2014 from Lush?  I’d love to know your favorites, as well as your all-time favorites from the brand too – please share!

Price & Availability: New Summer 2014 products available now at

  • Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb, $6.95
  • African Paradise Body Conditioner, $39.95
  • D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap, $9.95 2.4 oz / $16.95 5.2 oz
  • Zeste Styling Gelly, $12.95
  • Parsley Porridge, $6.95
  • Mangnificent, $6.95

Want to learn more about Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics?  Here are a few Lush Facts: 100% Against Animal Testing 100% Vegetarian 83% Vegan* 60% Unpreserved* 38% Unpackaged* *Figures subject to alteration due to product availability.  To learn more, visit

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