Lush Eyes Right Mascara | Wheatgrass for Your Lashes! Am I Missing Out!?

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Lush Eyes Right Mascara

I am always curious about Lush’s new products, and adore their bath products for sure.  While I don’t indulge myself as often as I should (spoken in true VR fashion, LOL), I think their products are fabulous!  With Lush’s release of their Emotional Brilliance Color Cosmetics line in July 2012, it has made me curious about all of their cosmetics, and Eyes Right Mascara caught my eye today.  I am so curious about this little “vial” of mascara, its claims that it is gentle, but works amazing (although many report it is hard to work with due to the bottle topper), this product does intrigue me!  Especially the fact that it has wheatgrass in it!  Wow!

Have you tried Eyes Right mascara before?  I’d love to hear what you think, and if you would repurchase if you own it!  Am I missing out by not trying out this mascara?

Where To Buy: $18.95,

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