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Got SEPHORA Beauty Insider points?

I’ve been hoarding my SEPHORA Beauty Insider points since last year sometime, refusing to splurge on just anything, and then this Beauty Insider Exclusive 500 point perk from Living Proof went live on and I knew it was time.  Whether it be that I’m completely obsessed with most everything I’ve tried from Living Proof or the fact that my girl-crush Jennifer Aniston is co-owner of the company, I dropped those 500 points like they were hot and went for it!


The Science of Style comes inside a SEPHORA Beauty Insider themed box.


Inside are four sample-size Living Proof products.


Also included is a travel bag that fits all products inside (the bag is quite cheap feeling) as well as a guide in how to use the different products to achieve three different looks.


The science of style: Living Proof products included in the 500 point perk: L to R: flex shaping hairspray, prime style extender, satin hair serum, amp instant texture volumizer.

Living Proof The Science of Style is a Beauty Insider exclusive and it requires 500 points to redeem.  Included in this set:

  • zip travel pouch.
  • product and style guide
  • satin hair serum (5 mL / 0.17 fl oz.) Superior smoothness in almost half the time.  “Satin makes getting that smooth look so easy – which I love, because I don’t want to spend a ton of time on my hair.” – Jenniver Aniston Co-Owner, Living Proof
  • prime style extender (30mL / 1 fl. oz.) Extends the life of your style 2x longer.  “I use Prime in everyone’s hair before I blowdry – it’s a foolproof product.” – Chris McMillan Living Proof & Jennifer Aniston’s Stylist
  • flex shaping hairspray (99mL / 3.0 oz.) Set, style and finish on damp or dry hair.  “Flex doesn’t give you that stiff, sticky feeling you get from other hairsprays.  I like that my hair still feels soft no matter how much I use.”  – Jennifer Aniston Co-Owner, Living Proof
  • amp² instant texture volumizer (7g / .25 oz.) Instant and revivable volume & texture for 48 hours.  “A is my go-to product.  It gives a great tousled look.”  Chris McMillan Living Proof & Jennifer Aniston’s Stylist.

I’m excited to try out three new-to-me products from this line – the satin hair serum, hairspray and texture volumizer!  I’ve tried and used up a sample size of the prime style extender and I’m glad to try another one so I can really decide what I think of it on my hair.

What do you think of the Living Proof The Science of Style 500 Point Perk at SEPHORA?  Will you be dropping 500 points to pick this one up?

The Beauty Insider Reward Program at SEPHORA is a points program where members can earn 1 point for each dollar spent at or in stores.  For more information or to sign up for the Beauty Insider program so you can start saving up points, visit


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