Living Proof Full Shampoo, Conditioner, Full Thickening Cream, Full Root Lift Review

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 Living Proof Full Good Hair Day Kit

THE FULL GOOD HAIR DAY KIT by Living proof, offered exclusively at Ulta*, includes four travel-sized products: full shampoo, full conditioner, full thickening cream, and full root lifting hairspray.  I previously purchased the Living Proof Restore Discovery Kit from Sephora (see a review of that kit here.) and because I have very fine hair that I am constantly attempting to breath some “OOMPH” into, I definitely wanted to give this one a go as well!


full shampoo – color safe & sulfate-free, 2 fl. oz.


full conditioner – color safe, 2 fl. oz.


full thickening cream, 1.8 fl oz.


full root lifting spray, 5 mL


Full Shampoo works well at cleaning my very fine and highlighted hair.  I do find it slightly drying when using it more than one day in a row, so that by the third day of use my hair starts feeling a little dry, so I like to alternate it with the restore shampoo.  The scent is the same heavenly scent as with the restore line which I love!

Full Conditioner does a great job of reconditioning my strands (even if they feel a little dried out from using the shampoo).  I do feel like it puts back in the moisture, and definitely does a great job at detangling, which is an every day problem with my hair.

Full Thickening Cream keeps my hair full and bouncy, smoothed and touchable.  It has the consistency of a lotion but does not weigh my hair down and does not leave a film.  The kit unfortunately does not come with product instructions, so I had to look online to figure out how to use the product correctly which greatly helps with my experience using it!  (Imagine that, lol! 😉 )  I rub approximately a dime to nickel size amount between my palms and work it into my damp hair , taking care to apply this to the hair slightly away from my roots, through to the ends.  After doing so I style as usual with my blow dryer.  My hair feels slightly thicker all over, does not feel dried out or crispy, and is bouncy and soft.  Living Proof says “less is more” with this product, so you may have to adjust how much your hair should use.  Although I do not find the results astronomically voluminous, I do like the thickness and touch-ability I get for the little amount of product used!  This will be a product I repurchase a full size of for sure.

Full Root Lifting Spray is meant to be used directly at the roots on clean, wet, and detangled hair, then styled using a blow dryer.  While I do not care for the scent of this product (it smells slightly like the entire line, but and extra “hairspray” smell takes over), I do like that although I use it at the roots it doesn’t cause my roots to feel sticky or crispy.  I even like to use it on my dry hair to add a little more substance and fullness right at the roots.

*Sephora offers the Living Proof Full Volume & Body Boosting Travel Kit that includes: full shampoo, full conditioner, (each 2 fl. oz); full thickening cream (1.8 fl oz) and a prime style extender packet (.33 fl. oz) (no Full Root Lifting Spray)

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