Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette For Eyes Review

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Artist’s Palette for Eyes

LAURA MERCIER Artist’s Palette for Eyes, is a palette I knew I just had to experience!  This is my first time wearing Laura Mercier eye shadows, and I have to say I am wildly impressed.  Today I’m sharing a full review of this gorgeous year-round must-have palette!


The palette contains a mixture of both warm and cool toned eye shadows in three finishes: Luster, Matte, and Sateen.


The palette is encased in a beautiful textured, and slightly padded chocolate brown case with a magnetic closure.


LAURA MERCIER ARTIST’S PALETTE FOR EYES is a beautiful palette to take you through not only the fall and winter, but also through the year with it’s versatile finishes and shades.  I love the mixture of pigmented and smooth mattes with sparkle and sheen to add a little more excitement,  I thought this palette would be the perfect introduction to Laura Mercier eye shadows, and I’m glad so glad I gave it a try!

Many of the shades in this palette are from Laura’s permanent collection, while some appear to be exclusive to this set.  I do not have press release information, however so I cannot confirm, but in comparing all of these shades to the eye shadows sold separately in her collection, it appears Espresso Bean, Violet Ink and Sparkling Dew are unique to this palette.  The palette is said to be arranged with cool colors in the top row, and warm shades in the bottom row, which I think is fairly accurate, although some shades could be fairly neutral, which is nice.


Sparkling Dew (sateen – light creamy white), Guava (sateen – peach stucco), African Violet (luster – violet copper shimmer)


Plum Smoke (matte – smokey amethyst), Kir Royal (sateen – deep aubergine), Violet Ink (matte – deep violet)


Vanilla Nuts (matte – light neutral champagne), Primrose (sateen – yellow pink with golden pearl), Fresco (matte – natural beige brown)


Bamboo (luster – golden brown shimmer), Truffle (matte – deep chocolate taupe), Espresso Bean (matte – rich chocolate black/brown)


Wearing Artist’s Palette for Eyes


Wearing African Violet on the lid, Guava on the inner corner, Plum Smoke in the crease, Kir Royal in the outer Corner, Violet Ink as a liner, Sparkling Dew as a brow highlight.


The finishes and the shades work together in beautiful synergy!

When first looking at the palette, there doesn’t seem to be much color variety.  One row has light neutral, purples and plums, while the bottom row includes warm tones, caramel and browns; however when looking at it a little closer, each shade has a variety of finishes to further differentiate between similar shades, so on the eyes they appear quite different, yet they work in beautiful synergy.  I used the entire first row in one eye look – I know it sounds excessive, but they work together so well it is just perfection to use them all in one look and gives the eye such a unique dimension.  I also like that you can easily split the palette further into a 3-shadow eye look or mix and match here and there throughout the palette.

LAURA MERCIER includes three of her eye shadow finishes in this palette:

  • Sateen Eye Colour:  “A lightweight eye shadow with a creamy powder texture that provides an immediate release of intense luminous colour with superior blending for a long-wearing, crease-resistant application.”

The Sateen finish reminds me of a satin finish eye shadow, slight sheen but incredibly blendable and not frosty.  I would have to say this is my favorite finish of all three.  I find it so easy to wear.

  • Luster Eye Colour: “A luxuriously smooth eye shadow that imparts pure dynamic iridescence with a sophisticated frost finish providing amazing adherence for a freshly applied look throughout the day.”

The Luster finish reminds me of a very tamed shimmery eye shadow.  What I love about this finish is that I can build it up for extra sheen, but I don’t get the fallout as with other shimmery shadows I usually work with.

  • Matte Eye Colour: “An innovative eye colour that delivers extreme pureness and density of colour in one stroke for superior payoff, extreme comfort and a smooth finish.”

The Matte finish is unlike any other matte eye shadow I have experienced, and I must confess I am quite new to mattes.  I am not drawn toward them in general (except for a brow highlight) because I feel it can accentuate my eye creases, and have a tendency to look flat and in some cases chalky on me.  However, these matte shades are so creamy (without excessive fallout) and blend beautifully, so they don’t look flat or chalky at all.

I EXPERIMENTED wearing this palette both with a primer and without.  In both cases I did not experience creasing, which is actually unheard of for my oily lids.  I even felt the shadows actually blended better on my bare (slightly powered) lids versus when I primed my lids.  Also, in both cases I did not experience fading throughout 8 hours of wear.


Overall this is a beautiful and very high quality palette that is perfect for those new to Laura Mercier, as well as those who would like to have a few of their favorites all-in-one for easy travel!  The quality and performance of the eye shadows has me fully impressed – I definitely recommend!

$55 US, 0.03 oz x 12.  Available Sephora.

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  1. I was waiting for your swatches and as I thought, the palette is gorgeous. I think I will have to get it myself. And I can’t wait to see some looks you create with this palette, you always come up with such beautiful combinations.

    1. Author

      Thank you for being patient! 🙂 I am definitely loving the palette and haven’t been able to stop wearing it this week. I think you will love it too! I created on look with it (and updated this post with a couple photos). I will have to do another look if I have time though with better pictures. 🙂 Let me know if you pick it up! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to get my hands on this palette. Last year’s version is my all time fave palette- flattering easy to use and versatile, plus the shadows are kind to my mature lids. But now you have me curious- how did you do a look with the entire top row? I would love to see the result or get a tutorial.

    1. Author

      Hi Lauren! I think African Violet is definitely my favorite from the palette – it is so unique!

  3. Thanks for the review! I’ve had on my eye on this palette for a few weeks. I’m hoping Sephora will have a 20% off sale sometime before the holidays so I can buy this. Thanks for the photos and swatches!

    1. Author

      Hi Caroline! I’m glad my review helped you. Yes let’s hope a 20% off sale comes along soon so you can snag this one up – you will love it! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. OOOO truffle and plum smoke – love!!! I prefer mattes, I actually think they accentuate eye creases the least. Sure hope to see a look with this, Angie!

    1. Author

      Hi Linda – yes those two are so gorgeous! I just love how the whole palette works together and isn’t mis-matched like many other “variety” palettes are. I am getting used to wearing mattes – in the past I have felt they made my eyes look dull, especially if it was a chalky matte (which didn’t help things, lol!) I am so excited to be working with a higher quality of matte eyeshadow in this palette. 🙂 I updated the post with a look I created that I was going to do a whole separate post on, but I wasn’t extremely pleased with how the photos turned out so I will have to try again – well for now there are at least a couple photos so you can see what it looks like on the eyes. 🙂 I hope you had a great week! Thanks for always stopping by to say hello! <3

  5. It’s lovely. I really don’t have any of these colors. And matte finishes are under represented in my collection! Fingers crossed for a Sephora sale!

    1. Author

      I did not have these colors in my collection either, at least not of this quality, so I am very pleased with this palette. Yes I hope a sale at Sephora will come soon so you can treat yourself! 😀

  6. So envious! I badly wanted this palette but unfortunately I just found out about it when it was already out of stock on Sephora’s website. Such bad luck. 🙁

    I still can’t get over how beautiful the photos you take are, BTW! x

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