Kiss the Girl Roll On Eau de Parfum Review Ariel Collection by Sephora

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Kiss the Girl Roll on Eau de Parfum from the Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora

Kiss the Girl Roll on Eau de Parfum Ariel Collection by Sephora (1)

True love is beyond words.  “Feel the passion of the moment…inspired by the magical moment of true love’s first kiss.”

Kiss the Girl Roll on Eau de Parfum Ariel Collection by Sephora (3)

Scent Description

“This captivating scent opens with a refreshing burst of bergamot, wet cucumber, and ozonic accord, and is brought to life with a splash of water notes, wild lilac and starfruit, all fused together with warm sandalwood and sensual velvet sensations of ambergris to make the moment last forever.”


I find the packaging of the Kiss the Girl roll on to be ethereal and delicate, and I especially love the aquamarine colored glass and the silver detailing on the outside.  The scent is sweet and pleasant to me with the lilac and bergamot scent being the most prominent, and drying down to the cucumber with a hint of sandalwood as it fades on my skin.  The scent is fairly fleeting on me, lasting roughly three hours before fading, and at four hours it is mostly gone.  I am not one to be drawn to strong or complex scents, so I find Kiss the Girl to be a very pleasant and very easy to wear scent for me.

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  1. OOOh, I need to smell this. It sounds amazing! I really love the looks of it too. 🙂 I want to buy some of this collection but have to fight with my youngest about who really gets it! haha Since Ariel is her favorite she thinks I need to buy it all for her! I am turning her into a mini me….uh oh….

    1. Author

      Oh haha! I didn’t even think about that – you two would definitely have to “share” it then. 🙂 How sweet – it is the perfect mommy/daughter collection!

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