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The Kate Moss for Rimmel Velvet Touch lipsticks had me so intrigued by the “velvety” name and rich shades these lipsticks offer that I couldn’t resist purchasing two of them to show you today.  I have a reader to thank for mentioning that I might like these lipsticks!  She was so right!


Kate Moss for Rimmel Velvet Touch Lipsticks in 107 (right) and 103 (left)

Velvet Touch Lipsticks in 103 (bottom) and 107 (top)

103 is a mid-toned pink shade that I think will be perfect for the springtime!

107 is a deep vampy berry red tone and is almost the definition of “velvet” for sure! This is the shade Kate Moss is wearing in the display, so I had to try it out on my lips as well.  I definitely love this shade for winter!

The matte velvet red packaging is so chic!

First of all I am a big fan of Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipsticks.  I find the texture to be creamy, pigmentation amazing, and I love the scent. The Velvet Touch lipsticks, although definitely different from lipsticks in their regular line is something that definitely does not disappoint!

Application & Finish.  When swatching this lipstick on the arm you really cannot get a feel for the unique texture and finish until it hits your lips.  It is ever so lightweight, almost like a “whipped” feeling, and the pigmentation is shocking.  It is very smooth to apply and can be built up for more intense color.  The finish of this lipstick is not quite a matte, but then again the lipsticks are in the Velvet Touch collection, so I think that is a very accurate description of them.  After application the color softens to a very rich velvet look on the lips.  It is not drying whatsoever, and although it appears to have set to a semi-matte, the lipstick remains soft and can be easily wiped away (the darker shade, 107 does leave a nice berry stain on the lips).  Because the lipstick does not fully sink in or set on the lips, it can be easily smudged, so it did take longer to apply than a regular cream lipstick.  In application of 107 I would definitely use a lip pencil next time (I used none in the shot above) because the formula is so pigmented and soft, it is a little harder to outline the outer edges of the lips easily with the lipstick alone.  I think next time I wear 107 I will apply, dab some off and then reapply and dab again to see if I can get more of a “set” feeling with the lipstick.

Wear Time and Scent.  As I mentioned above, the lipstick is not drying and seems to mostly keep the same consistency throughout the wear time on the lip.  I found that when wearing it while doing nothing but talking it lasted a good 3 hours with minimal wear, starting at the inner part of the lips, but it was easy during that time to press the lips together and even out the lipstick again without going back in and reapplying from the tube.  When I wore it out to dinner, obviously wiping it with a napkin removes some of the lipstick, but beyond that I mostly noticed a nice stain left behind when wearing shade 107, with the most wear on the inner part of the lips.  The scent of this lipstick was hard to pin down at first.  I love the bubble-gum scent of the Lasting Finish lipstick line, but this one is different, and I would say it smells most like dark chocolate raspberry truffles to me!  Yum! 🙂

Overall, I find the shade range offered for this collection to be beautiful – I saw a good range of nudes, to neutrals to bright pops of pink and red – and I really wished I could have purchased all of them to share with you!  The formula pigmentation and texture together is a beautiful combination and I can honestly say I have never experienced a “matte” lip as comfortable as I have in this lipstick.  I think it is definitely a lipstick worth looking into!

Where to Buy: $5.49 USD (prices vary) at drugstores in the Kate Moss Velvet Touch display.  In two stores I have seen both a large display and a small display, so the range of shades offered may differ.  I found the large display at Walgreens and a smaller display at CVS.  The UK Rimmel London website has more information on this lipstick, but states it is available in only 5 shades.  The large display I saw here had shades 101-113.

  • Product – 10/10
  • Formula- 10/10
  • Pigmentation – 10/10
  • Longevity- 10/10
  • Application – 8/10

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  1. I also love these! The only thing I didn’t like is that the smell is much more pronounced and long-lasting than in other Rimmel lipsticks. They’re so gorgeous and comfortable to wear that I can look past it, but folks who are sensitive to fragrance might feel differently. 

    I have color 101, a pale, cool pink. I’ll be picking up more these!

    1. The scent of these is a little different than the originals but it iseems to be something that I do not notice after a bit – I am mostly only sensitive to strong floral scents but I could also see how some would be sensitive to this.
      I was so torn whether to get the pale pink shade when I saw it and probably should have gone for it! I have a pale pink from Revlon (in their matte collection – I forget the name) but I don’t care for that as much because it is so drying. I normally don’t gravitate towards pale pink for some reason, but I may have to pick it up sometime so I have that option. 🙂 If you find any other “must have” shades I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

      1. It’s taken me quite a long time to warm to pale lip colors. I’m about 1 shade darker in foundations (and also a little pinker) than you and my hair is also slightly darker/golder blonde, blue eyes. I really felt that the pale lip colors would simply wash me out without either a tan or heavy eye makeup and avoided them until recently.

        It seems that I can wear cool undertoned pale lip colors pretty easily, but pale warm or pale neutral colors don’t really suit me without a full face of makeup. Those do wash me out. I seem to fare better with that hint of pink or blue than with peaches or pale neutrals. I’ve seen you carry some warm pale tones beautifully though!

        I’ll be picking up more in this line over the next few weeks and I’ll let you know which ones I end up loving.:)

        I went back and forth between 101 and 103 in the store for an absurdly long time. Think I will be picking up the 103 and the 107! And probably a few more–I am just awful about resisting lipsticks for some reason.

        1. Lol, I can totally understand the going back and forth between two shades in the store, picking one up, and then going back and getting them (both usually) for me anyway! 🙂 Lipsticks definitely have a hold on me that is for sure! I look forward to hearing what shades you end up with when you go shopping next! 🙂

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