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Hot in the Tropics: H&M Summer Makeup Look

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If you missed it, be sure to check out the review post of the many H&M Beauty products I purchased to share with you.  In that post I share reviews, photos and swatches of everything from eye shadows and blush, to eye pots and lip products.  During my visit to H&M in Houston a few weeks ago I visited the beauty counter for the first time, and as I was browsing I decided I would challenge myself, put aside my neutral goggles for moment and break away from the typical neutrals that I gravitate toward all the time.  Of course this is all within reason, since my next makeup challenge was to use every shade I purchased in one makeup look – so of course the colors needed to coordinate, otherwise I would end up looking like a clown!

HandM Makeup Review

The H&M Beauty products I purchased and used in this makeup look – for a review and swatches please see my post here.

As I stood at the eye shadow display, the colors that spoke to me most for eyes were bold and rich, and with shades like Turmeric and Bird of Paradise I started to feel like I was on tropical vacation.  For cheeks I wanted them to be warm and understated, and most definitely not peachy-pink (which I always do!).  For lips I went with two different shades to really change up the look – one a more bronzed brown shade that I probably haven’t purchased since 1997, and a vibrant bold orange-red shade that I love, but don’t typically wear on a daily basis.  The result is a sizzling summer makeup look that I had fun putting together – even if it isn’t something I’ll be wearing on my next Target run.

H&M Tropical Summer Makeup {Bronze Lips}

HandM Makeup Look Jacaranda

H and M Makeup Look

The eyes are the focus in this makeup look and with this shade selection of eyeshadow singles (reviewed here) I felt like I was ready to go on a vacation in the tropics!  A bold tangerine melts together with a rich yellow, which flows into a golden green and a refreshing ocean blue.  I went with bronze on the cheeks and kept the lips coordinating with the cheeks, using a sheer lipstick with a hint of bronze metallic sheen.

Product Details (all H&M Beauty products)

  • Global Fusion Eye Pot in Lemongrass on the inner 2/3 of the lid
  • High Impact Eye Colour in Sharp as Mustard patted on top of the eye pot
  • High Impact Eye Colour in Turmeric in the crease and the inner corner
  • High Impact Eye Colour in Orange Ochre in the outer 1/3 of the lid and slightly into the crease
  • Global Fusion Eye Pot in Big Teal on the lower lashline
  • High Impact Eye Colour in Bird of Paradise patted on top of the eye pot
  • Sephora Collection gold eyeliner in the waterline
  • H&M Sheer Lipstick in Jacaranda on the lips

H&M Tropical Summer Makeup {Bold Lips}

H and M Makeup Look

I kept the eye look the same and decided to change up the lips with Ember Glow, a bold red-orange cream lipstick.  If I had done a different eye look altogether with this lipstick I would probably use less color on the eyes since there is a lot going on between the eyes and the lips in this look!  Still, the lips coordinate with the warm orange in the eyes, and because the lips are so bright, it just might trick the eye into thinking the color on my lids is a kind of “neutral”.  What do you think? 😉

HM Summer makeup look eye closeupSuccess or Hot Mess?

While I wouldn’t say this is my most favorite makeup look I’ve created, I had a lot of fun doing it and because I challenged myself and I worked with makeup colors that I have never used before.  I just may reach for Lemongrass more with another eye look, mixing in some bronzed brown shades and a champagne highlight and I actually love how Tumeric looks on the eyes, even softly blended out it is beautiful.  As for the actual makeup look I actually wasn’t pleased with it initially and tried to re-do it three to four times because I wished I would have done a winged liner with the look, and added false lashes to make it look more full.  I even wished I would have done the color placement differently!  Honestly, I was going to give up on it entirely, but decided instead to share it with you as an example that you don’t have to be scared to experiment with colors you aren’t familiar with, or shy away from color placements you aren’t comfortable with.  After all, half the fun is trying and discovering new techniques and things you can do with makeup!  Even if it doesn’t your best look, and you won’t be featured on the front page of Instagram, you are growing and learning what works for you and you are having a little fun at the same time – which is one of the best things about makeup!

Have you experimented with colors outside of your comfort zone lately?  Let me know how it worked out and if you found some new colors that are becoming your favorites!

Be sure to visit the review post to see more details and swatches of the products used in this post.

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$2.99 – $14.99 US – H&M Beauty products can be purchased in store and online at hm.com  While I found all of the shades in this post in my local H&M store, I found a few similar shades online.  Below are a few recommendations:

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