Negative Space Manicure How To

Half Bare, Half Bold for Valentine’s Day – How to Do a Negative Space Manicure

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I‘ll be the first to admit negative space manicures weren’t something I rushed to recreate when they were hot off the runway.  At first I thought it looked like an unfinished manicure, and if I would attempt it, I’d feel bad for leaving my unpainted parts “exposed” to the world.  Hey a girl can have sensitive nails, right?

Fast forward months and months of the trend being on-trend, and now I can finally say I’m ready to give it a go!  So how about we learn how to do a negative space manicure together!

Negative Space Manicure How To using Zoya Nail Polish
  1. First things first, I knew I needed to start with a good base coat, so I grabbed for my favorite, Naked Manicure by Zoya Naked Base.  Seriously good stuff. ♥
  2. Since at least 1/3 of my nail was going to be “in the buff” I figured I’d make her look the best she could by adding 1 coat of Naked Manicure Perfector in Pink Perfector.  This really smooths out my nails and makes the base look nice and fresh. ♥
  3. Now comes the fun part -the color!  I decided to go bold with Zoya Kitridge, a neon pink.  If you think it’s bright in these photos you’ve got to see it in person, girl – wow!  The hardest part for me was to figure out how much nail I should leave bare and how much I should paint.  I decided to go in by painting 2/3 of my nail and leaving the rest.  Oh and if you’re wondering how I got that kind-of-straight line, trust me I tried to free hand it but things didn’t go so smoothly.  I was fresh out of nail tape (actually I’m kidding I’ve never purchased such a thing!) Instead I had to improvise by borrowing my husband’s electrical tape to make a straight line, covering up the part of the nail I didn’t want painted, and I must say it worked so well to apply and remove I just might try it again…♥
  4. After the color dried I topped it with one coat of Naked Manicure Glossy Seal top coat and then for a Valentine’s Day touch, while the top coat was still wet I added a single black heart stud from a nail design kit I purchased awhile back.  One final coat of Glossy Seal wrapped things up and now I can say I’m ready to boldly take on Valentine’s Day! ♥
Negative Space Manicure How To using Zoya Nail Polish

I actually ended up liking my negative space manicure so much I think I’ll try it again – maybe with some more subtle colors like nude or a creamy lavender or even a cobalt blue for fun!

Have you tried a negative space manicure before?  If not be sure to let me know if you are going to give it a try!

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