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Let’s Explore H&M Beauty! H and M Beauty Review: Eyes, Cheeks and Lips

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I‘m pretty basic when it comes to makeup.  Give me neutrals all day, every day and I’m a happy girl with endless “different” looks to rock for day and night.  So what happens when this basic girl decides to mix things up a bit when visiting a new makeup counter, and forbids herself to purchase any shade she would normally wear on a daily basis?  Success or a hot mess?  Let’s find out!

HandM Makeup Review

Just a few of the many offerings from H&M Beauty

H&M Beauty launched in the fall of 2015, but it took me awhile to stop in and take a look at the products in stores.  When I did finally take a peek I was definitely impressed with the large beauty range.  The eyeshadow colors span the rainbow (and beyond!) and the nail color section is just as large, although I didn’t indulge in nail color this time.  I was equally impressed with the formula selection of the lip products.  I only purchased two, but there are many different formulas like lip stain, liquid lipstick, lip gloss, etc.  Let’s not forget the selection of blushes, powders, foundations, brushes, beauty accessories, and more.  Not only was the selection impressive, but I am also pleased with the price point.  The products range from about $6.99 – $14.99 each and there was a permanent sign in my store that said all beauty is buy 2 get 1 free, which seem to make these products a drugstore makeup competitor.

After my visit, I came away with some new products to try and a personal assignment to experiment with a little color and create a makeup look using all of the products I purchased in one look.  Before we get into the makeup look, let’s take a look at the products in more detail so you can see what we are working with.

Global Fusion Eye Pot

HandM Beauty Global Fusion Eye Pot

Eye shadows in pots – I’m a fan!

A creamy eyeshadow in a pot, the Global Fusion Eye Pots from H&M Beauty are pigmented, soft and have a slightly mousse-y texture to them.  In the pot they appear to be a pressed powder, but once your brush hits them or you touch them with a finger, you can see the creamy consistency.  I have been working with these off and on for a couple of weeks now and my favorite way to apply them is with my finger, much like with a MAC Paint Pot.  I like to use them as an eye base, and they don’t budge at all, making it ideal for oily lids like mine.  One thing to note, they don’t build very easily, and they take a little bit to set, so if you want to layer them too fast they will start to “ball up” a bit on the lids.  They are very pigmented, however, so layering isn’t really necessary.  Because they are a little creamy I thought they might also work well using them like gel liners, however, I wasn’t very successful.  They are slightly metallic and it was hard to get them precise with an eyeliner brush, plus they would catch a little resulting in a wavy line.  I definitely like them best as an eye base.  Oh and the scent?  Call me strange, but they kind of smell like baby wipes to me!  Here are the two shades I purchased:

HandM Beauty Global Fusion Eye Pot

“Big Teal” is a rich metallic turquoise.

HandM Global Fusion Eye Pot Lemongrass

“Lemongrass” is an earthy yellow-olive with metallic sheen.

H and M Global Fusion Eye Pot Swatches

Swatched L to R: Lemongrass and Big Teal

High Impact Eye Colour

HandM Eyeshadows

H&M Eye shadow Singles – aren’t they lovely?

Next lets dive into the High Impact Eye Colour offered by H&M Beauty.  First of all, that packaging – gorgeous right?!  Although the feel in the hands is lightweight and inexpensive feeling, H&M definitely went in the right direction with their gold and white design, which makes it look more Tom Ford than a budget-friendly beauty buy.  The product weight is 0.07 oz / 2 grams with a variety of finishes – shimmer, glitter, matte and satin.  I purchased one matte, two shimmer and one that is more glittery.  The pigmentation on all three is excellent, and using a primer under them makes them pop even more.  The shimmer/glitters build up nicely with no fallout.  The matte shade blends out well, doesn’t build as nicely but it doesn’t have fallout either.  Overall I’m very impressed with the shades I purchased, and I love them all together too – it reminds me of colors from a warm Boho-inspired summer!  If you aren’t a fan of bold shadows (remember I’m a neutrals kinda gal too!) they have so many shades to choose from, with many of them the neutrals you crave my friend!

HandM Eyeshadows

Clockwise from top: Orange Ochre – a warm and rusty bold orange with golden shimmer; Bird of Paradise – an ocean blue metallic with finely milled blue glitter; Sharp As Mustard – a golden olive shimmer with hint of gold reflect; Turmeric – a bold, rich and warm yellow matte.

H and M High Impact Eye Colour Swatches

Swatched L to R: Orange Ochre, Turmeric, Sharp as Mustard, Bird of Paradise

Pure Radiance Powder Blusher

HandM Powder Blush

The blush packaging is also divine.  Shiny black with glints of gold is totally me!

H&M Beauty offers both powder and cream blush formulations and since it is 98 degrees + in humid Houston, plus due to the fact I have oily skin, I went with a powder.  Although I purchased a rather nude shade, Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Brown Sugar definitely has a strong pigment and is easily built up and blended out on my fair skin.  I wanted a shade that was more subtle and wasn’t too pink or plum, and this shade perfectly warms up my complexion.   A note regarding the packaging – the feeling in the hands is again lightweight and inexpensive feeling, but the look is still pretty, and something that mixes in well with the makeup in my collection.  I want to point out that the inside of the compact does not contain a mirror, which I actually like since I never use a blush compact mirror, but something to note if you are looking for that in a blush.

HandM Blush

Brown Sugar Powder Blush from H&M Beauty – a soft warm peachy nude

I’ve got to admit the Brown Sugar was more pigmented than I was expecting – it blended easily and a little does go a very long way – it doesn’t take much to warm up them apples with Brown Sugar that’s for sure!  The blush has a satin finish, and the color stays strong as the day goes on.  Overall I’m very impressed and I will be looking into more shades.

H and M Brown Sugar Pure Radiance Blusher

Brown Sugar – heavy swatch on the left, blended out on the right.


H and M Lipsticks

Just two varieties of several lipstick options from H&M Beauty

I think I spent a good chunk of my time over at the massive lipstick section in H&M.  There were so many different formulas to choose from, and boy oh boy those colors had this lipstick addict weak in the knees!  I decided to go with one of their cream lipsticks in Ember Glow which is a warm rusty orange-red.  The formula is soft and creamy, the scent has a traditional “lipstick” kind of scent, and the application was easy directly from the bullet despite the bold shade.  It wore for a few hours through eating and drinking, and I would say it is most comparable in pigmented to a Maybelline lipstick, but creamier so it doesn’t last quite as long.  The finish on the lips is a satin, and I felt it wore well as the day went on.  The packaging is very pretty – again with the gold and white, and it feels more substantial in the hands than the coordinating eye shadow singles which was nice.

Next, I decided to go for one of the Sheer Lipsticks from the brand.  I thought Jacaranda, a rich bronze-brown, would coordinate well with the colorful eye products I selected.  I generally like sheer lipsticks since they tend to be more softening on the lips and they are easy to re-apply throughout the day even though they don’t last as long as a full coverage lipstick.  Jacaranda is slightly more drying on the lips, which I was a little bummed about, but it does go on semi-sheer as promised.  I love the bronzed-brown color on the lips, plus it has a slight metallic sheen that doesn’t go over the top.  As with most sheer lipsticks the color doesn’t last long, but it has no scent which was a bonus.  Overall I do like the color, but wish it was a bit more moisturizing.

H and M Lipstick Swatches

Swatched L to R: Ember Glow Cream Lipstick and Jacaranda Sheer Lipstick

All in all I am very impressed with my H&M Beauty color cosmetic experience.  The product range is quite large so I of course haven’t experienced it all yet, but it is something I think any makeup junkie would be happy to experiment with and would be able to find a few things she or he could use on a regular basis.  I would say the packaging presentation is a step above the typical drugstore makeup brand – I love the gold touches mixed with the black and white.  The quality of the makeup is also something I’m impressed with, and would consider some of the products to be better than drugstore products, with some being about the same.  The quality for the cost is definitely worth it – I found some real gems in my rather small exploration and I look forward to exploring more next time I stop in!

The Makeup Look

Now what about the makeup look I challenged myself to do by using all of the products I purchased in this post?  Well this post ended up being so long I’m splitting it up so be sure to visit here for the makeup look and let me know what you think!

Have you experienced H&M Beauty products?  Do you have any hits or misses with the brand?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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$2.99 – $14.99 US – H&M Beauty products can be purchased in store and online at hm.com  While I found all of the shades in this post inside my local H&M, I found a few similar shades online.  Below are a few recommendations:

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